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It’s the height of summer and a great time to give your linen cupboard a refresh. We’ve compiled a list of linen cupboard essentials so that you’ll be prepared for anything.

Base Layers

A strong foundation is key, starting with a good bed that suits your needs. If you’re not sure where to start, try our bed selector to see which mattress is right for you. A mattress protector is essential to extend the life of your mattress and keep it clean.

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to their pillow and before you choose there a couple of important factors to consider. Firstly, the way you sleep plays a big part, for example stomach sleepers often opt for a low profile or soft pillow, as opposed to side sleepers who generally prefer a firm or high profile pillow that will conform to the shape of their neck. Then you need to consider what is inside the pillow; memory foam, down/feather, and wool are all high quality options that have different properties and benefits. You can match the pillow cases to your sheets, duvet or bedspread.

3 Pure sheet Group

Next, sheets are one of the most important items you can invest in as your skin is directly touching them when you sleep, and for that reason the way they feel should be the first thing to consider. Do you prefer the crisp, slightly starched feeling of percale sheeting or does the beautifully soft, subtle sheen of cotton sateen give you the most restful sleep? For summer, choosing sheets made of natural materials like linen or cotton is key as they are more breathable fabrics for those hot nights. If you would like to learn more read our Sheets Buying Guide here. Pictured above, the 100% cotton MM Linen Pure Cotton Sheet Set.

A valance conceals the bed base creating a harmonious look. You can’t go wrong with a classic like Bianca Lorenne Cotton Drill Valance, below left. Alternatively, the more modern and stretchy Savona Bed Wrap will allow you to dress the bed base without removing the mattress, below right. If you are buying a new bed from us, you can choose from a range of fabric colours for your bed base to remove the need for a valance.

Valance and Bed Wrap 1

Duvet vs Bedspread… Do you need both?

A duvet is thick and warm and designed to be used with a duvet cover, which can easily be laundered at home, and used without a top sheet if that’s your preference. A bedspread is the topmost covering of a bed, and is designed to hang to the floor as a decorative light blanket. Duvets are purely for warmth and aren’t designed to be used on their own therefore layering different covers will be the most comfortable and visually appealing.

We recommend choosing a duvet that is one size larger than your bed. For example if your bed is Queen, go for a King duvet so it hangs over the sides a bit more, especially if your mattress is deep. MM Down Goosedown & Feather 50/50 Everyday Duvet Inner has a 50/50 goose feather to down fill ratio which makes for the perfect blend of comfort and warmth.

Page 61 MM Down Stack

Protect your duvet inner with a duvet cover. If you don’t use a top sheet it’s a good idea to invest in two duvet covers so you can rotate them. MM Linen Pure Cotton Duvet Set is a simple and timeless set that will suit most styles.

Pure Duvet Pewter portrait 1

Layering different colours and styles that can be changed seasonally or according to your mood will enable you to keep your room looking fresh all year round. Below, the Bianca Lorenne Tessere Comforter is layered on top of the Bianca Lorenne Fontanella Bedspread.

tessere pine comforter HR 1

Extra Layers

Light layers such as extra blankets and throws are essential, both for you and any guests that might come to stay. Fold them nicely at the end of the bed, so they’re ready to be pulled up when needed. They’re also an easy way to dress up the bed or change its look. Fairydown Espresso Down Blanket makes a great alternative summer duvet or spare blanket. Machine-washable, generously sized and light as a feather, these fold up compactly for easy storage.

Esp Blanket WHITE Blue night CASPER2

Finishing Touches

Here is where you can really make a statement and elevate your bed from basic to luxe. Layer cushions on the bed to tie together the whole colour scheme of the room. For instance, below, Bianca Lorenne Kaiyu Bedspread made from 100% linen is paired with matching Eurocase Set and Pillowcase Set. Euro pillows are great for propping yourself up to read in bed, the covers can be removed for laundering. Eurocases are sold as sets or as singles so you can choose to match them to the rest of your linen or use them for a colour accent.

kaiyu natural linen bedspread HR

When well-considered, decorative throw cushions will create a cohesive and inviting space. Pick out colours from your walls, window furnishings or furniture for your cushions to tie the whole colour scheme in. Above, the green Bianca Lorenne Tramonto Cushion makes a statement against the cream bedspread and matches the bedside. An odd number of cushions or an asymmetrical arrangement will avoid it looking too contrived and repetitive.

Below, the Bianca Lorenne Piega Comforter & Tessere Comforter are layered on the Fontanella Bedspread and the cushions from left to right are Chabana Pillowcase Set, Fontanella Pillowcase Set, Tessere Eurocase Set, Piega Cushion, Chaya Cushion, Piega Eurocase Set. Though the patterns and textures are all vastly different the harmonious colour scheme brings it all together.

fontanella white duvet with tessere pine and piega smoke blue HR

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