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Buying Guide Duvet Covers Bedspreads Comforters

What is the difference between a Duvet Cover and Bedspread?

A bedspread or duvet cover can set the entire tone for your bedroom design. Which one you choose largely comes down to personal choice but there are some key differences and a few important things to consider.

A duvet cover is designed to cover and protect an inner. It has an envelope like design which is usually secured with buttons or a zip at the bottom. Not only will a duvet cover keep your duvet inner clean and fresh, there are many different colours, patterns and designs available providing plenty choice. It is also easier to care for, as just a shake each morning keeps it neat and tidy.

Much like a blanket, a bedspread on the other hand is a decorative layer for your bed that can be used alongside a duvet or by itself on warm nights. In comparison to a duvet cover with an inner, it is light weight and perfect for layering. A bedspread is designed to completely cover a bed, right down to the floor and can be quilted to give it a thicker, heavier feel.

What is a comforter?

If you remember an “Eiderdown” from back in the day, then a comforter is the modern day alternative. It sits over a duvet or bedspread and is usually folded over at the end of the bed. There are lots of designs available and most comforters have a fibre or cotton fill to give it a puffier appearance. A comforter is a sophisticated way to add style to your bed and can be pulled up for extra warmth when needed.

Should I upsize my duvet/bedspread?

When it comes to duvets it is a great idea to buy the next size up from your bed size. It is the width that changes for each size and if you choose a duvet the same size as your bed, it will only come to the middle or end of the mattress. This is especially true for beds with deeper mattresses. A larger sized duvet will cover more of the base, giving a much more luxurious look. The exception is a slat bed system as typically the same size duvet cover as the bed will work well here. When upsizing your duvet, you will need to ensure that you also have the correct duvet inner for your duvet cover.

It is not necessary to upsize your bedspread as bedspreads are designed to come to floor. Comfort layers on mattresses and height of legs will always be a factor so it is a good idea to measure your bed to ensure the bedspread sits as desired. To determine your bedspread size, measure from one side of the floor across the bed to the other side of the floor. A bedspread a little off the ground will show off upholstered bases and valances and is safer than tripping on corners. But of course you may prefer a longer bedspread, in which case you may look at the next size up.

What should I pair a bedspread with for extra warmth?

A bedspread is light weight layering piece so will require a duvet or blanket underneath it for warmth. A duvet with a plain cover is great for winter while a Fairydown Espresso Blanket works wonderfully for the warmer months.

What materials should I look for?

Natural fibres are always your best choice. They feel great against your skin so are perfect for sleeping in.


You can’t past go cotton which is known for its breathability. It is comfortable to sleep in, looks great and is soft to touch. It is also the perfect base for a patterned design such as a bold floral.


Relaxed in look and feel, linen helps keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Modern solid shades create a lovely retreat and are great for layering with other designs.

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