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Thinking of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor living area is a fantastic way to ensure the design is comfortable and stylish, and facilitate indoor/outdoor flow. As the seasons change, so will where you prefer to entertain or relax. While our outdoor furniture is robust enough to withstand the elements all year around, if they’re in a location you won’t use much during winter consider moving one or two pieces somewhere they’ll be used more. Keep reading for some tips for choosing furniture that will easily transition between indoors and outdoors, for use all year round.

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Our team was keeping this in mind when selecting pieces for our new season Outdoor Collection. Furniture Category Manager Jayne Cross-Hunter says “the best example of a piece that would work just as well indoors as it would outdoors is the Vincent Sheppard Gipsy Cocoon Lounge Chair, with its versatility and style it’s perfect to have as a statement piece inside in the winter and just as great to have outside for lounging in the sun.” The Cocoon Chair will transform any corner of your house into a cosy reading nook or snug. Make use of difficult spaces such as under a staircase like Sarah Shore from our Wanaka Showroom did with hers or place it by a north-facing window to catch the sun.

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Her other recommendation, “The beautiful Frida also by Vincent Sheppard brings that touch of wood to an interior which is on trend and give your outdoor setting the wow factor.” Because there’s no rule that says you can’t use outdoor furniture inside, and good design is all about what works for you.

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When selecting outdoor dining chairs, look for a style that can perform double duty as spare indoor dining chairs. The Harbour Loop Dining Chair and Vincent Sheppard Wicked Outdoor Dining Chair both have a relaxed and textured aesthetic that would work just as well indoors as out.

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Similarly, the Vincent Sheppard Roy Cocoon Lounge Chair or Roxy Dining Chair could be used as an occasional chair, simply plush them up with cushions or a sheepskin.

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If your indoor space is smaller, also consider the visual weight of the furniture pieces you choose, as heavier-looking furniture will overcrowd a smaller room. Pieces from our new season collection have a light and airy feeling with their see-through styles taking up less visual space. Chairs you can see through won’t overwhelm a smaller indoor space the way a solid chair will, such as the Fast Forest Outdoor Armchair. The Fast Allsize Outdoor Dining Table is also elegant enough to be used indoors thanks to its slim legs and streamlined frame.

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The Calligaris Skin Dining Chair is incredibly sturdy yet lightweight; it’s perfect both indoors and outdoors. Plus, it’s stackable so it’s even easier to move and store!

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Bean chairs like the MM Linen Kalo Outdoor Bean Chair or Coast Marine Bean Chair are an incredibly simple and versatile way to transform your entertaining space. An outdoor beanbag can easily be transferred inside for additional seating during the winter months.

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A transitional sofa like the Opito Outdoor Modular by Devon is made from hardwearing outdoor materials but fits just as well inside. Don’t underestimate the versatility that modular seating will give you, as these can be rearranged seasonally to fit the space. Its natural teak frame with rounded edges softens the base and creates a calm and inviting aesthetic. With four modular pieces, you have the ability to create a custom lounge setting that fits perfectly no matter how big or small the area.

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Pre-order or shop our New Season Outdoor Furniture Collection online and in store now.

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