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Looking to redecorate your outdoor area but not sure where to start? We’ve put together our top five ways to add ambience and style to your outdoor space.


Make the biggest impact with new outdoor furniture
Outdoor furniture is key to creating a space that oozes both style and ambience. If you’re outdoor furniture has seen better days, then an update may be just what you need. When looking for new outdoor furniture it’s a good idea to think about your overall styling goals as well as the end use of your space. Do you want to create to a modern and sleek dining area? Then try the Fast Rion Dining Chairs with the Fast Grande Arche Dining Table. If you want to be able lounge and relax outdoors and like the softer look of woven furniture then go for the Manutti River Sofa.

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Bring the indoors out with fabrics and textiles
Your outdoor space needn’t be boring. Add some personality with custom outdoor cushions and squabs. Outdoor fabrics such as the Designers Guild Palasari range or James Dunlop’s Pegasus Outdoor range are specifically designed to withstand the outdoors and have fade-resistant qualities. To really bring the indoors out, select outdoor fabrics that link in with your existing indoor décor.

Pull your space together with an outdoor rug
A rug will anchor your space and like cushions they provide a decorative touch to your outdoor area. Outdoor rugs are made with materials resistance to the weather so are ideal for outdoor use. Before purchasing a rug, measure your space and existing furniture to ensure you get the correct size. As a rule of thumb, a rug should be big enough so that it covers at least the area under the front legs of your main furniture pieces. Still not sure? Bring your measurements in store and ask one of our furniture consultants.

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Set the mood with lights
Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting in your outdoor space. Not only practical, outdoor lights will add a design factor and help to create ambience. Solar lights such as Maiori Range are the favoured option for outside as they don’t require an external power source. Just as it does for an interior, a well thought out lighting plan will do wonders for your outdoor space.

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Don’t forget about shade!
As the summer sun heats up, a well shaded spot is essential to enjoying the outdoors. Natural protection from trees and the environment are increasingly uncommon in modern homes so it’s a good idea to invest in other ways of shading your space. If you’re home doesn’t have a verandah or existing structure for shade then a simple solution is to add an outdoor umbrella from the Jardinico range. They are easy to use and are designed to perfectly complement both modern and traditional outdoor settings. They come with a max wind speed rating so even if your home is perched on exposed bluffs with incredible views, you can have an umbrella which will stand up to whatever the summer throws at you. For a more permanent approach, a Luxaflex Fabric awning will provide necessary shade and can give the illusion of a ‘ceiling’, helping to visually extend your interior space.


There are so many ways to create an oasis in your back yard. Remember that styling is meant to be fun so don’t let it stress you out. If you’d like some more help visit us in store or contact us now to book a furniture consultation. You can also view our range of outdoor furniture online here.

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