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Choosing the right type of window treatment can feel like a baffling process with the multitude of choices in the market place. Curtains, roller blinds, roman blinds, honeycomb blinds… the options are endless! Select the right type for your space and you be well on your way to creating a stylish home that works for your lifestyle.

To make the process easier we’ve put together a quick guide and some handy tips to get you started. We also have 15% of all Luxaflex Rollershade, Sunscreen, Shutters and Duette ranges until September 30th 2017, so now is the perfect time to get your window furnishing needs sorted.

If you’re currently renovating or building then read on.

Honeycomb Blinds – Give me warmth

Lux Duette 17

Luxaflex Duette shades are a cellular type of window shade. Commonly known as a honeycomb blinds they have been called ‘the next best thing to double glazing’. Duette blinds imbue a soft and delicate feel to a room. Don’t be fooled by their look though, the unique construction and material of these blinds create a durable and strong product. With a range of fabric options from sheer to blackout as well as a multitude of configuration options they can be customised to suit your preferences.

If your main priority is to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer then the superior insulation properties of Luxaflex Duette shades make them the right solution for you.

Roller Blinds – Give me tasteful and minimalist

NZWS Luxaflex Light Filtering RB 1941

Luxaflex rollershades and sunscreens create a simple and refined aesthetic and are perfect for modern homes. They are often valued for being more discreet than other window furnishing alternatives, however with a variety of fabric and colours, you can stand out as much as you please. Based on the fabric you choose, Luxaflex sunscreens can be used to provide shade and sun protection without obstructing the view. If preferred, you can block out the sun completely with a blackout rollershade – especially helpful if you are a night shift worker!

Along with most of our other window furnishing options (aside from shutters), roller blinds can also be configured for motorisation. A Luxaflex motorised blind can be installed into your new build or retrofitted into your existing home. All Luxaflex motorised blinds can be set to a timer or controlled by your mobile phone – making them a functional and high tech addition to your home.

If you have a great view or simply don’t want your window furnishings to take over the look and feel of your home, then be sure to choose a Luxaflex rollershade or sunscreen blind.

Silhouette Blinds – Give me privacy and sun protection

Silhouette SIL 0214

Silhouette Blinds are constructed with two layers of fabric separated by fabric vanes. They filter and diffuse bright light and can create a soft glow to spaces. When open they offer privacy and provide UV protection.

You either choose a translucent fabric that will create a soft light filtering effect, or for bedrooms select a room darkening fabric.

Shutters & Venetians – Give me timeless

Lux Countrywoods Shutters 9

Luxaflex wooden shutters & venetians impart a timeless and sophisticated look to any home. Not only are they beautiful but they are also functional and robust. Once shut they insulate and effectively reduce noise. Shutters & venetians offer control of privacy and light and are quickly adjustable to your needs.

Luxaflex wooden shutters and venetians are a worthwhile investment, sure to stand the coming and going of trends – a valuable asset to any home.

Roman blinds and curtains – Give me options

Levande 01 HR

Custom made roman blinds and curtains are your go to option if you truly want to customise the interior feel of your space and make it feel like a home. At McKenzie & Willis we supply a wide range of options from revered fabric houses such as Designer’s Guild, James Dunlop Textiles, Sanderson, Harlequin and more. Our curtains and blinds are made right here on site, allowing us to fully customise the look. Go for understated yet sophisticated with a gorgeous linen or be bold with a bright and colourful print – the choice is yours. Remember, our custom made roman curtains and blinds can also be motorised making them both a beautiful and functional addition to your home.

The McKenzie & Willis Interior Design team can help guide you through the process and select the perfect combination for you. Book an in home consultation online now.

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