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It’s a common misconception that the only thing that matters when buying new sheets is the thread count. In reality though, it’s a combination of the thread count, the weave, the quality of the yarn and the fibre used – which we can appreciate sounds very confusing! A quality sheet is really about the “hand feel” which is indicated by the name (percale, sateen etc.) To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on the most common types of sheets and the qualities of each.

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Percale Cotton Sheets

Percale cotton is a plain tight weave that is very breathable. It has a cool and crisp feel so is perfect for hot sleepers. The term “percale” indicates quality – wash after wash, percale sheets will resist pilling. For superb sleeping comfort try the Sheridan Percale 300tc Sheet Set.

Sateen Sheets

Sateen on the other hand has a slightly different weave which lends itself to a silky soft and luxurious feel. Its construction creates a beautiful sheen, fit for a 5 star hotel. If you like the idea of sleeping between indulgently soft sheets then take a look at the Sheridan 1000tc Sateen Cotton Sheet Set.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

A favorite in the linen cupboard of many, Egyptian cotton provides a happy medium between percale and sateen sheets. Egyptian Cotton is defined by its lustre, softness and lasting durability. The reason this cotton is so unique is because it’s grown on the banks of the Nile which is one of the most fertile regions on Earth! Our Seneca 500tc Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets are 100% Genuine Egyptian Cotton grown in Egypt and are guaranteed non-pilling.

Flannelette Sheets

There are few things better than a warm bed on a cold winter’s night and one of the best ways to naturally warm your bed is with flannelette sheets. Flannelette sheets retain your natural body heat, eliminating the need for electric blankets. For the very best in flannelette, try the warm and fluffy Seneca Bellini Luxe Flannelette Sheets.

Linen Sheets

And finally you have linen sheets. Relaxed in look and feel, linen helps keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Linen is made from flax plants and so has a thicker fibre, making it more durable than many cottons. In fact it’s not uncommon to hear of quality linen sheets being handed down generation after generation! As you wash linen, it becomes softer and more comfortable over time. The MM Linen Laundered Linen Sheets are pre-washed and 100% pure linen. We’ve also taken 30% off MM Linen Laundered Linen sheets until the 27th of May 2018, so now’s a great time buy.

Browse our range of quality sheets online or if you’d like more help, head in store and chat to our expert linen consultants. We buy only the best sheets so you can rest assured that any purchase you make from us will give you a comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep.

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