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Considering we spend about a third of our lives in bed, often there is not a lot of attention given to where you lay your head once you have the right bed. Your bedroom is your own personal space and should be considered a sanctuary where you leave the stresses of the day at the door and unwind.

Today’s bedrooms are all about textures and comfort – and it is up to you whether you go for simplicity or absolute luxury. The best place to start is at the head of your bed – naturally with the headboard. Do you want a luxurious deep piled buttoned velvet headboard or a deco inspired wrought iron headboard. You can even create the look of a headboard with plush European pillows or a feature wall.

Next comes your pillowcases and sheeting. The best choice for you is a personal one and is as simple as what feels the best to you. Whether that is a soft, cooling relaxed linen or a crisp hotel feel cotton there is no right answer or best one to choose. Top this with a light feather down blanket or a warm down inner to snuggle under.

Once you have the right foundations for a restful night sleep sorted you can look to the aesthetic pieces.

There are many designs on the market so this can become a really wonderful challenge. We recommend that you take your time and take your favourite options from McKenzie & Willis home on appro to see them not only laid out on a bed but also surrounded by your own things. Bespoke designs and smaller boutique brands are very popular at the moment, such as the Arcanum brand which is available to the South Island exclusively at McKenzie & Willis and adorns the bed opposite.

Whether you go for a duvet, a textured quilt or a bedspread add some layers with a sumptuous comforter. Not only will it add interest and layers to your bed it also has a practical use as an additional layer of warmth.

Finally – finish with cushions! Cushions of all shapes, colours, textures and patterns can add the finishing touch to your bed making it look like something you just want to fall into.
Your bedroom, and especially your bed, should be your sanctuary and somewhere you look forward to being at the end of each day.

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