Big Bed Sale on Now!

Reducing pesky partner disturbance always seems to be at the very top of customers shopping lists when looking for a new bed and since they are going to be spending a third of their lives on it (or more if you like a sleep in) we want to make sure the problem is solved!

SLM Connisseur 250x191

And the solution is…the Beautyrest Connoisseur 1!

The Beautyrest Connoisseur 1 offers the least amount of partner disturbance while also providing the most amount of support (which is generally number 2 on the shopping list!). This perfect partnership of little disturbance and lots of support comes down to the exclusive spring technology Beautyrest has developed. The Connoiseur 1 features high density pocketed coils in two layers – so basically pocket coil, upon pocket coil. This provides a unique cradling comfort system where each coil works independently to reduce partner disturbance.

The other notable features of this bed include…

  • Alpaca wool used as the natural fibre helping control body temperature
  • The most advanced foam technology available which features temperature regulating properties, pressure relief and fusion gel memory foams
  • You can choose from 7 stylish fabric colours for the base
  • Proudly NZ made in Christchurch
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty

You can come into our Dunedin and Christchurch showrooms with your ideal bed shopping list and comfort test the Beautyrest Connoisseur 1 today!

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