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Snow-capped mountains, frosty mornings and the recent cold snap herald the beginning of winter. As we hunker down for the colder months and spend more time indoors, now is the perfect time to give your interior a makeover. Here are our top styling and warming tips for your interior this winter.

Notre Monde Wall Art

Notre Monde Wall Art

Design around a Focal Point

The shifting seasons should see a shift in the focal point of your living spaces. With outdoors spaces ceasing to be used over the colder months, move sofas so they face fires and indoor entertaining spaces. Use a rug to ground your new arrangement and add a feature armchair like the gold Spyder chair from Kovacs to give you extra seating around the fire.

A new piece of art on an internal wall will focus attention inwards and provide interest and colour. Contrary to popular belief, art doesn’t need to be expensive either. Think outside the square and look for unconventional art pieces, such as the affordable Notre Monde trays which can be hung on the wall.

Furninova Rocco 1

Furninova Rocco Sofa

Layer with rich colours and texture

It’s all about creating cosy and interesting displays in winter. Layer up your space with rich colours, and add texture with wool and fur. While warming colours such as rust and green are very on trend this year, nearly every colour palette can be adjusted to suit the colder months. If you loved blue in the summer, then ground it in the winter with soft warm grey tones. Add gold to give warmth to any setting, after all it is the colour of fire.

Make your dining area cosy too. Drape throws over dining chairs, lower centre displays on the dining table, and put a nice rug under the table to keep it warm underfoot.

Luxaflex Duettes

Luxaflex Duettes

Consider your windows

As much as 45% of the heat from your home can escape through your windows so curtains and blinds are smart investment during the winter months. Not all curtains and blinds are created equal when it comes to insulating your home though. According to a new report from Consumer NZ, Honeycomb blinds or Duettes as they are also known, come out on top for providing insulation. This is because Duettes have a snug fit and effectively seal the window, keeping warm air inside. This is further enhanced by their unique honeycomb construction that forms a series of insulating air traps – much like wrapping a blanket around your window. At McKenzie & Willis we supply Luxaflex Duettes, which come in great range of stylish fabrics.

You can also minimise heat loss through windows by hanging your curtains from ceiling to floor and specifying thermal block out lining. It’s best to choose lined curtains which have an extra layer over ‘thermal coated’ curtains, as it is this secondary layer of material that creates the insulation. To take your curtain lining up a notch, choose bumph interlining. Bumph interlining is a layer of soft and lofty material hidden between the curtain fabric and back lining. Not only does it give your curtains a voluminous and beautiful look, but the three layers trap air and provide warmth.

Make an impact with flooring

For a complete overhaul consider updating your flooring. Loop pile carpets or plusher cut piles are a great way to introduce texture and completely change the feel of your room. For the ultimate in warmth, choose a wool carpet and pair it with a quality underlay such as the Dunlop Dream Walk Black Label.

Don’t forget your bed

Longer (and colder) nights call for a bed that’s up to the task. If your bed is over 10 years old or no longer provides the required comfort, then it may be time to look for a new bed. Choose a bed that includes natural fibres such a wool, cashmere, alpaca or silk as these are great at regulating temperature and keeping you warm in winter. The Beautyrest Connoissuer bed has Alpaca fibre in its quilt panel which will provide natural warmth while remaining breathable.

Bianca Lorenne Bed Linen

Bianca Lorenne Bed Linen

Create a cosy sleeping environment

Once your base is sorted, add cosy textures and soft layers to your bed. Winter is all about touch so velvet, wool and fur really come into their own in winter. When paired with linen and cotton they create a superb sleeping environment. As for sheets, Flannelette is always a winner in winter. Go for a top of the line option such as the Seneca Bellini Luxe Flannelette Sheets. These sheets have a superior construction and yarn size which means they are non-pilling, and will last longer.

You can also add natural warmth and replace the need for an electric blanket with a feather and down topper. As well as adding to the comfort of your bed, a feather and down topper creates a layer of insulation that is far superior to anything synthetic. This is because feather & down has a very high insulation factor in comparison to its weight and it won’t clump like many man-made fibres. It is also breathable and will wick moisture away from the skin. Look for a feather & down topper that have been ethically sourced such as the MM Down 80/20 Luxury Mattress Topper which has been accredited with the stringent standards of ‘Downpass 2017’.

Finish the look with an upholstered head board like the Bianca Lorenne Bettino Headboard. Again, velvet adds a luxurious feel, while the deep buttoned detailing gives a sense of old world glamour.

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