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Retro Post

The trend towards modern furniture and interior styling with a retro inspiration has become more and more prevalent which has seen a step away from the pared back Scandinavian and mid-century modern looks that have been so popular in the past few years.

A nod to the past is being seen in a number of different elements of your interior such as architectural elements like cornicing, furniture pieces, floor and wall coverings, textiles and accessories. We aren’t talking shag pile carpeting and avocado coloured kitchen cabinets, it is more a nod to the past – embracing the comfortable, heart-warming atmosphere those colours and textiles inspired.

The easiest way to give your space a retro feel is through your choice of colour. Oranges, browns and blues with mineral greens and warm yellows thrown in for a modern twist. This Beatrice wallpaper by Jane Churchill beautifully references the retro theme in a modern way, strongly featuring blues and hints of brown and orange.

Modern retro furniture is another way to bring that throwback vibe to your interior. You can go all in with a room complete of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s furniture or you can be more subtle selecting one or two carefully chosen pieces. The McKenzie & Willis Interior Design team have selected a modern retro styled sofa by David Shaw and covered it in a plush brown velvet fabric from the Designers Guild Mizola range. The glass and timber Boston side table from Collage also has a great modern retro flavour. Although the Link armchair by David Shaw is a very current style the fabric choices from Harlequin are most definitely referencing a retro look.

With a nod to a period that included so many unusual design pieces, incredibly distinctive and vibrant colour choices and graphic patterns this is definitely a trend that will see some very exciting and unique interiors created. Whether you are simply referencing the past or creating a time warp we are very excited to see what emerges!



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