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There’s a lot to love about New Zealand wool. Natural, tactile and superior in quality, the benefits are numerous. New Zealand wool features in many of our New Zealand made products, most notably the gorgeous Atelier wool upholstery range and homegrown favourite Cavalier Bremworth carpet. Read on to find out why you should consider New Zealand wool in your next project.

Atelier Wool Range 1

Atelier Wool Range

Tactile Luxury

Whether curling your toes into gorgeously soft wool carpet or sinking into an armchair covered in wool upholstery, New Zealand wool is perfect for creating luxurious texture in the home. For the ultimate in tactile indulgence, look for a felted carpet from the Bremworth Collection.

Made by New Zealanders for New Zealanders

Purchasing New Zealand wool means you are buying directly from your own backyard and supporting your local community.

Bremworth Collection Galet Wool Carpet

Bremworth Collection Galet Carpet


As a natural fibre, wool is grown not made. It is renewable, sustainable & biodegradable making it an eco-friendly option.

High Quality

New Zealand sheep are raised in the ideal environment to create high quality, clean white wool ideal for both carpet and upholstery.


Atelier Wool Range 2

Atelier Wool Range

Fire Resistant

NZ Wool is a safer option for the home with its natural fire resistance. Wool is hard to ignite, self-extinguishing and does not melt like some other fibres.

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

Wool is breathable with good insulating properties. It wicks away moisture helping to regulate temperature.


Wool is a naturally durable choice for carpet and upholstery. A natural protective layer gives it great stain resistance and its unique ability to retain its shape means that the fibres will bounce back time after time. It is also easy to clean and maintain.


Wool acts as a natural filter, absorbing unwanted toxins and helping to purifying the air.

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