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Always paving the way with the latest technologies, Beautyrest have released their brand new model of the Beautyrest Connoisseur. While it continues to be our best bed for reducing partner disturbance it has been enhanced with revolutionary temperature controlling abilities, luxurious comfort layers and a new design look.

Beautyrest Connoisseur Plush Blog

Revolutionary Temperature Regulating Technology

In a breakthrough for cooling foam technology, the new Beautyrest Connoisseur features the revolutionary ComfortKool to create a superior sleeping environment. Using microcapsules that absorb and release thermal energy, ComfortKool is an entirely new way of regulating temperature. Whether you run hot or cold, ComfortKool keeps the mattress at a constant temperature.

Our average, daily skin temperature usually sits between 33.5°- 36.9°C and in a traditional mattress without temperature regulating technology, this heat is transferred to the comfort layers and doesn’t dissipate easily. In fact, research from the University of Auckland shows that after 2.5 hours a body will heat up the foam of a traditional mattress to 35°C. It will then remain at this temperature, even 22 hours later! In comparison the research showed that a ComfortKool Mattress only reached 29°C and stayed like this the entire 22 hours.

Luxury Comfort Layers & A New Look

The foam layers of the new Beautyrest Connoisseur have been upgraded for a deep luxurious feel. Each of the three comfort levels (plush, medium and firm) feature increased pressure relief. This sense of luxury has been extended to the look with a new design that has been crafted exclusively to McKenzie & Willis’ specifications. New mattress ticking, a tailored fabric stripe and soft plush velvet base are all part of the new look.

Still the Best Do Not Disturb Bed

The Beautyrest Connoisseur continues to be our best bed at reducing partner disturbance! Unlike a lot of other pocket spring beds, it has a double row rather than a single row of coils. A double row means that the coils can be shorter which in turn reduces movement. The high concentration of new temperature regulating memory foams also helps to dampen movement. If you are light sleeper, shift worker or up and down in the middle of the night, this is the best bed at not disturbing your partner.

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