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An issue that seems to be recurring for our customers is heat and more specifically – not being able to sleep due to being far too hot.

There are plenty of reasons why this may happen – a better insulated home, wearing too many clothes, the wrong sleep surface – but whatever the reason may be it is important that you address it. A lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health, decision making and overall wellbeing.

Sleep and the control of your body temperature are innately connected – your body temperature decreases during the night, so sleep is most likely to occur when your core temperature decreases and is much less likely when it rises.

There are a number of ways to reduce overheating during the night, such as taking a cool shower before bed, wearing less clothing, or reducing the overall temperature of the room however, it is better to solve the problem at the root first by ensuring you have the right sleep surface.

The FlexGel range of beds from A.H.Beard provide a great solution for people who suffer from overheating during the night. FlexGel is a temperature neutral material which is moulded into hundreds of hollow pillars joined together in a single piece construction. This open cell structure has an overall mass of 80% air which naturally insulates against heat and cold by increasing the flow of air through your mattress, eliminating heat build-up. They also feature Aero Comfort Advanced technology specifically designed for pressure relief, resilience and breathability as well as the Outlast system which can absorb, store and release excess body heat. The A.H.Beard FlexGel range is medically recognised for its heat correcting benefits and is used in hospitals all over the world.

Another product that is well known for its regulation of heat issues during sleep is the Beautyrest Connoisseur range of beds. These beds are all constructed with a micro-diamond infused air cool memory foam which is a brand new foam technology. Carbon particles are combined with memory foam to offer not only great comfort but to also conduct heat away from the body. This ensures that heat is not trapped in the mattress disrupting your sleep.

To figure out which is the perfect bed for you, you can click here to try our bed selector. By answering a few short questions we will be able to determine which beds in our range will best suit your needs – and for your troubles we will give you a free gift to go with your new bed!



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