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It’s that time of year again…The mornings are getting warmer, the evenings lighter and everyone seems to have a spring in their step. As the winter chill disappears, it’s time to consider a good old Spring Clean. Not only will your home feel refreshed but by following these simple tips you will keep your home and furnishings in top shop and looking better for longer.


The change of seasons is a good time to remember to rotate your mattress. Rotating your mattress regularly will even out the pressure on the mattress and increase its life span.

Give your bed a good vacuum to prevent any dust from settling into the fibres. If you notice any marks then spot clean with warm soapy water, blotting the area repeatedly with a cloth. As always, it’s best to test on an inconspicuous area first.

Move your bed out and vacuum underneath – you will be surprised how often this is missed!


Outdoor Furniture
Before the outdoor season begins you will need to clean and prep your outdoor furniture.

Use a Devon timber furniture cleaner to restore weathered and grey timber furniture and then protect with a Devon protector to seal the wood and provide water protection. For an extra layer of care, use the Devon timber furniture shield to protect your wooden furniture from food and oil stains.

For aluminum frames, wipe down with a general household detergent and soft cloth. Be sure to remove those pesky spider webs!

Indoor Furniture
If you’re lucky enough to experience a sunny Spring day then make sure to get your feather sofa outside. Airing it out will refresh and re-energize your sofa. Remove your seat cushions and vacuum underneath. Plump up your cushions and shake out throws to remove dust.

Now’s the time to be mindful of the sun, especially in New Zealand where high UV levels can cause sun fading. Be aware of where your furniture is – particularly fabric and leather. It’s best to condition leather sofas every 3 months, which will help greatly in protecting them from the sun.


Blinds & Curtains
On the topic of the harsh NZ sun, it’s also worth considering taking preventative measures by installing blinds and curtains that will screen UV rays. The Luxaflex sunscreen blinds allow light to filter through while maintaining privacy and providing protection from the sun.

Most blinds can be wiped down with a soft cloth and warm water mixed with mild detergent. Use a cotton bud to clean hard to reach spots. (Check your individual care instructions)

Although it may be tempting to dry clean your curtains, you will need to proceed with caution. Washing or dry cleaning your curtains may cause them to shrink and discolour. Instead, vacuum your curtains using an upholstery attachment on a low suction. Spot clean marks with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water, adding a mild detergent if needed. Ensure you test on a hidden area first and do not rub!

Home Linen

Home linens
With the weather warming and the sun starting to shine, it’s time to throw open your windows and doors and let the fresh air in. You can finally remove those extra layers and opt for the coolness of cottons and linens with your summer bed linen. All your winter feather and down love sunshine and fresh air outside or have them professionally dry cleaned on a “wet and wash” option. Most duvets can be machine washed – for bedspreads or quilts please check the care instructions or give our Home Linens team a ring and we can let you know how best to care for your beautiful linen.

Clean out your linen cupboard, refold, refresh and group similar items together. For those troublesome fitted sheets we have an easy tutorial that will have you neatly folding them in no time.

Revitalise your bedroom by choosing a new summer duvet or bedspread with a colourful floral or for a calming and relaxed look try our new MM Linen Laundered quilt (as in the photo above). Adding a new gorgeous throw or matching cushion is another way of updating your summer bedroom. Come on in store and let our team create your summer haven.


Wooden floors
Bring out the natural beauty of wooden floors by applying a new coat of oil. If your wooden floor has seen better days, consider sanding and applying a new coat of lacquer or oil. Most engineered wood can be sanded several times over its life time.

Tiled areas will benefit from having grout lines sealed. The porous nature of grout means it is prone to staining. Wash tiles thoroughly, mild detergent and water works best on most tiles. If there is any mold present or stubborn stains, specific tile cleaning products are available. Ensure the area is entirely dust free and then apply a grout sealer.

If your carpets are looking tired, then it’s time to call in the professionals and have your carpets professional cleaned. Not only can a professional carpet clean remove stains but it will refresh the carpet fibres making your carpet look new again.

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