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We all know that feeling of being unable to sleep on a hot summer’s night. Constantly tossing and turning, it can sometimes feel impossible to escape the heat. And for some of us it’s not just a summer problem! As part of the sleep/wake cycle our core body temperature naturally decreases at night, helping to induce sleep. Factors like being dehydrated or exercising right before bed can wreak havoc on this, but so too can your choice of bed and linen. Our bed experts are here to help with their smart solutions for hot sleepers.

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The Ideal Room Temperature

A more comfortable sleep starts with the ideal room temperature. The temperature of your bedroom should sit somewhere between 18 and 22 degrees. During sweltering summer nights, try opening a window, turning the air-conditioning on and closing your curtains & blinds during the day to minimize heat buildup. And although a lower temperature equals a better sleep, don’t be tempted to set the temperature too low as this can also cause a restless night.

Superior Airflow

A cooler bed essentially comes down to the amount of airflow in your mattress. The more air and the better the air circulation, the cooler your bed will feel. This can be achieved in a number of ways, including cooling memory foam layers as seen in the Beautyrest Connoisseur bed, a breathable gusset around the pillow top of the Sealy Performance Vancouver Medium bed or the innovative material known as Flexgel that is the core component of the AH Beard Flex Gel Emperor Bed. The last one- Flexgel, offers enhanced temperature regulation as it has an open cell structure which forms pockets of air. This gives Flexgel an incredible overall mass of 80% air, increasing air flow and dissipating heat. It also naturally insulates against the cold so no matter the weather you will have a comfortable sleep.

A Bigger Bed

Hot sleepers who share a bed may find that simply upgrading the size of their bed will help. Having a bit of space between you and your partner can give relief when the mercury soars. A King will give you 15cm of more space, while a Super King will give you 30cm more than a Queen.

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres have long been known for their temperature regulating abilities. They are extremely breathable and wick away moisture so it makes sense to choose them for cool comfort during the summer months. This goes for the mattress itself as well as sheets, duvet inners, pillows and bedspreads. 100% Linen and cotton are great options for bedlinen while silk, alpaca, wool and cashmere in mattresses assist with reducing heat buildup. Hollow fibres such as the alpaca used in the quilt panel of the Beautyrest Connoisseur Bed trap air, greatly improving its ability to control temperature.

Innovative Fabrics

Over the past few years, beds have continued to become more advanced leading to the creation of smarter fabrics. Among those is the Outlast fabric featured in the AH Beard Flexgel Sovereign bed. Originally developed by NASA for inside astronauts’ space suits, the inventive Outlast fabric uses innovative technology to continually regulate temperature.

Layers are Key

It’s typical in New Zealand for the temperature to vary over the summer so it’s a good idea to layer up your bed linen. Several thinner layers give you the advantage over one heavy layer as it is easy to remove one or two for the perfect temperature. The Fairydown Espresso Blanket with its natural feather & down filling provides a lightweight duvet alternative that is great for warmer weather.

For more help creating the ideal sleep environment and finding your perfect bed, see our bed experts in store or try our bed selector online. Plus, right now until the 2nd of February 2020 we have amazing deals on a great range of temperature controlling beds during our Summer Big Bed Sale!

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