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Renowned for their innovative sleep technologies, superb comfort and absolute quality, SleepMaker and Beautyrest beds also have a NZ made story. Their parent company was founded by the current owners’ forbearers over 80 years ago in Auckland and has actively grown over the years to become the largest bedding manufacturer in Australasia.

We caught up with Warren Roach (Marketing Services Manager for the parent company of SleepMaker & Beautyrest) who filled us in on how these beds are made and all the benefits of keeping things local.

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Tell us about the about the factory?

In New Zealand we have two manufacturing plants in Auckland and one in Christchurch. We are the only major bedding manufacturer in the South Island and produce most of our South Island orders from our specialist bedding factory in Hornby in Christchurch. In Auckland we have a bedding and foam factory in Otahuhu and another production facility in Avondale that produces foams, pillows, duvets and bean bags. All beds are made to order, normally within 10 working days.

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What is the process behind the making of a bed?

The key components in building a quality mattress are the combination of a high quality spring system and the comfort layers on top of the support system. We spin the majority of our springs in New Zealand to ensure they are robust and built to last. Many people are surprised when they visit our factory that every bed is made to order and particularly how our beds are mostly built by hand. These is still a high level of craftsmanship that goes into building the individual layers, putting the components together and a team of skilled machinists sew the finished product together. It’s one of the reasons why we still make our beds locally as we can ensure every mattress is built to the highest quality and provide our customers with a good night’s sleep for many years to come.

The quilting machines sound fascinating, can you tell us a bit more about that?

Our specialist quilting machines knit together our luxurious fabrics along with foam and fibres that provide that soft cushioning comfort you experience when you get into bed. Being able to produce all of our quilts in New Zealand means we can adjust the fabric, foam and fibre combinations to create different levels of cushioning that complement the design of each mattress.

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We understand that you are the only manufacturer in Australasia that produces your own foam. Can you elaborate on that?

Correct, we are the only manufacturer in Australasia that produces our own foam. We’re passionate about producing the highest quality and most comfortable foam possible, that is specifically designed for use in beds. We also produce a variety of unique foam products that provide unbelievable comfort such as our Micro Diamond infused Memory Foam that embeds tiny micro diamond particles into our silky soft memory foam which help with heat transfer for a cooler more comfortable sleep. We also incorporate many natural luxury fibres into the quilts on our beds like Cashmere, Wool and Silk.

What quality control/testing do you do?

Every mattress order is tracked as it goes through the factory and checked during the production process to ensure it meets our stringent quality specifications. A final quality check is completed at the end of the production process to give it the seal of approval before it’s packed and sent to another happy customer.

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