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Although Scandinavian design has its obvious roots in Northern Europe, it really found its feet as a sought after interior trend in the chic apartments of New York. The Scandinavian ‘look’ emerged in the 1950’s and was characterised by its simplicity, minimalism and functionality which was the basis for its appeal.

Typically Scandinavian design encompasses light natural toned timber elements which lend themselves to create relaxed and engaging interiors. Commonly combined with white, these spaces always look light and airy, and create the illusion of more space.

Although the palette has a strong focus on light toned timbers and white, adopting a Nordic-inspired style does not mean that you have to completely do away with colour. Carefully considered pops of colour or even block of colour are the perfect way of enlivening your space. The McKenzie & Willis Interior Design team have used a feature wallpaper to lift this dining space. The Flamont Uni Linen wallpaper from Unique paired with the polished concrete floor has made the light timber and white furniture pop.

The Scandinavian inspired furniture you choose can also create interest in your space. The legs of the Pettersson dining table by Ethnicraft have an interesting cross detail that makes use of both faces of the timber. The Basil dining chairs by Calligaris are constructed with light toned timber and white materials but have an appealing point of difference in the legs. Modern accessories from the Kartell range have also been paired with the look to add contrast.

Minimal Nordic beauty has a quiet, understated aesthetic that creates relaxed and engaging interiors. It is the mix of simplicity, functionality and aesthetics that, combined with contrast and colour, that is very pleasing to the eye. Its appeal and influence has been strong since the mid-century and is continuing to grow in popularity. Scandinavian Design is set to remain a staple inspiration for interior looks and furniture design for years to come.

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