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Croft Sheets

Which 100% Cotton Sheets are for me?

You can’t go wrong selecting 100% cotton sheets; cotton is a natural, breathable fibre and renewable resource. The difference between each is in the thread count, weave, where the cotton is sourced and ultimately- the way the fabric feels. Which ‘type’ of cotton sheet you should choose totally comes down to how you sleep and the feel you prefer.

100% Cotton Sateen

Cotton Sateen sheet will generally have a higher thread count and are constructed in a unique satin-like weave which gives the fabric a subtle sheen making them beautifully soft against your skin.

Our MM Linen Croft sheets are elegantly crafted using the highest quality fabric to create an affordable yet quality sheet option. Made from 100% cotton sateen, Croft sheets are the ideal choice for those who like sleeping between indulgently soft feeling sheets.

100% Cotton Percale

Percale Cotton will generally have a lower thread count and a lightweight, tight weave. Percale sheets are very breathable so they are the perfect choice for hot sleepers no matter the season who prefer a crisp, slightly starched feeling sheet.

Our MM Linen Maddon 100% cotton percale sheets are premium quality and are beautifully finished with a stitched detail on the header ensuring they have a timeless elegance. The Seneca Soho range are our hotel quality 100% cotton percale sheets which are conveniently sold as separates.

Both ranges epitomise the nature of the plain tight percale weave- beautifully breathable, with a crisp smooth finish.

Egyptian Cotton

Defined by its softness and lasting durability, Egyptian Cotton sheeting can be constructed in multiple weaves and is named after the region in which the cotton is grown. Genuine Egyptian Cotton is grown on the banks of the Nile and produces cotton that has much longer threads which create stronger, lighter fabric.

Our Seneca Egyptian Cotton sheet sets, made from certified premium Egyptian cotton are among the highest quality available and, with proper care, will continue to improve wash after wash. These sheets are made for those that prefer the indulgent, naturally soft, silky lustre Egyptian cotton is famous for.

What does ‘Thread Count’ mean?

Thread count refers to the number of threads per 10cm square of finished fabric, it also dictates the thickness of a sheet- the higher the thread count, the thicker your sheet will feel. Generally, if you prefer a soft, silky feel you will want a high thread count sheet but if you prefer a crisp, smooth feel a lower thread count or percale sheet will be perfect.

Is the Sheet Depth important?

Mattress depths vary widely so ensure you know this information before purchasing fitted sheets. The right sheet depth will ensure your sheet fits perfectly to your mattress and stays in place with no bunching or moving through the night.


Product Thread Count Fibre Depth Colour
MM Linen Croft Sheet Sets 300 100% Cotton Sateen 50cm White, Ivory, Grey
MM Linen Croft Std. Pillowcases 300 100% Cotton Sateen White, Ivory, Grey
MM Linen Maddon Sheet Sets 500 100% Percale Cotton 50cm White
MM Linen Maddon Std. Pillowcases 500 100% Percale Cotton White
Seneca Soho Flat Sheet 300 100% Percale Cotton White
Seneca Soho Fitted Sheet 300 100% Percale Cotton 45cm White
Seneca Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set 500 Egyptian Cotton 50cm White


Shop our range of quality sheets online or head in store and let our expert linen consultants help you find the perfect sheets.

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