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The clean look of sheer curtains is a growing trend, perfect in any room of your house. A far cry from the net curtains seen in decades past, sheer curtains are a fresh, contemporary style statement.

AntipodesJames Dunlop Antipodes

Sheer curtains beautifully filter sunlight creating a calm and soothing interior. McKenzie & Willis Interior Designer, Anna Kouwenhoven Deavoll, says “Sheer curtains are romantic, timeless and contemporary. They can soften a large architectural space with a beautiful dappled light effect that will change throughout the day. Sheers are a truly versatile window furnishing option, allowing the home owner to control the light and heat. They are available in a wide range of prices from economical right up to high-end.”

They also offer daytime privacy, whilst screening out distractions from the outside world. They have the added benefit of protecting your furnishings from harsh UV light which fades and damages most materials, while also keeping your room cooler if it is in direct sunlight during the day.

In terms of style, “fullness of fabric will showcase the sheers to full effect by creating depth and dimension. For a strong design statement, a wave curtain heading looks particularly stunning when floor to ceiling and wall to wall. An inverted pleat or New York pleat heading style is also very popular.” says Anna.

DOTT Insitu So Koro Suora YP21006 LowDesigns of the Time So Koro

Adding a puddle at the floor is a luxurious upgrade. Anna recommends that the curtains “kiss the ground” just enough to break the fall of the fabric for a laid-back appearance, or you can opt for a true puddle of 10-20cm for a dramatic flair. In older homes, an additional bonus of puddling is that it can disguise uneven floors.

“If privacy is a concern, you can have a double track installed with an opaque curtain layer underneath which you can close at night, but when pulled back it is discretely concealed beneath the sheers for a seamless look.” says Anna, who has this in her own home. Alternatively you can layer sheers above roller blinds or honeycomb blinds; when the blinds are open it will still look like you just have sheers but you will still get the blockout and insulating properties of your blinds.

Vista JD LowJames Dunlop Vista

Just because the fabric is sheer, it doesn’t mean colour doesn’t still play a role. A flat pale colour is the most popular choice as it’s so flexible, but there are still many options within this palette such as the Designs of the Time So Koro collection.

DOTT Insitu So Koro Kami LowDesigns of the Time So Koro

Rustic textures and patterns of the Lizzo Lost Island collection stop sheers from feeling too clinical if white minimalism is not your style. We even have some boldly patterned sheer fabrics such as in the Matthew Williamson Belvoir collection. Keep in mind if you choose a brightly coloured fabric, this will alter the colour of the sunlight that comes through them, so for instance if you have blue curtains you will get blue-tinted light.

Blue Sheers 2Matthew Williamson BelvoirJames Dunlop The Avenues

 100% linen is favoured by a lot of people for its authentic appearance and texture but be aware that linen is affected by full-sun so will not last as long as a linen/polyester blend will. 100% polyester is the most durable option for sheers, our experienced designers can advise you of all these considerations.

mokum insitu ikigai enso 01 highMokum Ikigai

Luxaflex’s latest innovation LumiShade is an innovative sheer window covering offering beautiful light control, versatility and elegant style. Constructed of multiple panels, it offers all the benefits and appearance of sheers and combines them with vertical blinds. LumiShades feature individual fabric vanes with two-in-one light filtering and room darkening panels, simply rotate the angle of the vanes for your desired effect.

NZWS Luxaflex® LumiShade™ LXVS 08Luxaflex LumiShade

The functional design of LumiShades means they don’t have any connecting bottom chains or bottom weights so you can easily walk through the fabric vanes whether they are open or closed for the optimal indoor/outdoor flow. Like a curtain, Lumishades can be stacked back neatly at the side of your windows for unobstructed access to your outdoor living.

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