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Bringing in a new technological era for Beds, AH Beard recently released the new AH Beard Nox Smart Sleep Light & Sleep Monitor. The Nox Smart Sleep Light is a revolutionary device that works with your natural circadian rhythm to help you fall asleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed, while the AH Beard Sleep Tracker app and monitor is like a sleep consultant in the palm of your hand.

Curious to see how it worked, we gave these new sleep accessories to our Web Curator Kelsey to trial. We will let her fill you in on her experience.

Confession time…I am notorious for not getting enough sleep and paying for it the next day. The classic “just one more episode” is something I find myself saying on the regular (Thank you Netflix). I am also a chronic nap taker – falling asleep as soon as I get a moment of quiet.

So when I was asked to trial the new AH Beard Nox Smart Sleep Light & Monitor I was a little worried about what it would uncover about my sleep habits! Nevertheless I decided to give it a go and BOY did I find it interesting.

Set up

I’m pretty clued up when it comes to technology so it’s no surprise I found this part pretty straightforward. To get started you just need to download the app and then follow the instructions included. The Nox Sleep Light instructions were easy to follow and within a few minutes I had set up the Sleep Light using my WIFI. The Sleep Monitor was even easier, simply switch on your Bluetooth and you’re good to go. If technology isn’t your forte, then the bed consultants at McKenzie & Willis are more than willing to help.


AH Beard Sleep Tech RestOn Smart Sleep Monitor


AH Beard Sleep Monitor Findings

I used the AH Beard Sleep Nox Smart Sleep Light, Monitor & App for a month and I found the detailed analysis incredibly helpful. I was able to gain insights into my sleeping environment such as temperature, noise and light levels as well as my heart rate, breath rate, and how many times I turned over. As mentioned, I was worried about what the monitor would reveal and sure enough I was getting nowhere near enough sleep (I was averaging around 6-6.5hrs a night). No wonder I had so many afternoon naps! What I didn’t realise though was how little deep sleep I was getting. My percentage of deep sleep sat around the 5-10% mark, which the app informed me was an unreasonable percentage.

AH Beard Sleep App

The sleep app gave me plenty of tips specific to my sleep issues. One of the tips was to make sure I wasn’t having caffeinated drinks within 6 hours before bed. I don’t drink a lot of coffee but I am known to have a cup of tea before bed so I immediately cut this out. I also made a conscious effort to try and get an extra hour of sleep – whether that was going to bed earlier or getting up later. By the end of my trial I was frequently getting scores well into the 90’s which was a vast improvement! My percentage of deep sleep also drastically increased and regularly sat around the 25-30% mark. A win in my book.

AHBeard Nox Smart Sleep Light

Using the AH Beard Nox Sleep Light

I especially loved the sleep light and had fun experimenting with this. At night I would switch the light to a calming warm hue and fall asleep gradually to the sounds of waves. Sounds like bliss right? And it was! Much like nature’s version of white noise, the sound of waves helped me to fall asleep quicker. The Nox Sleep light also works in conjunction with the AH Beard Sleep monitor, automatically turning off once you’re asleep – a handy wee feature.

This monitoring system is how it determines the best time to wake you up too. I really loved waking up slowly to music and a gradual increase of light. It was a bonus that the light is clever enough to wake you up in your lightest sleep. On the days I used the light I felt way more refreshed than I usually do with my normal alarm.

Final thoughts

I have to say measuring your sleep is highly addictive! I was really impressed with the AH Beard Nox Smart Sleep Light & Monitor. Not only did my sleep improve but by following the tips on the app and using the light I felt better rested and more alert during the day. Now if only I could convince my boss to let me trial a new bed…..

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