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Windows can be one of your home’s most attractive features. They showcase views, provide natural sunlight and warmth from the sun. Unfortunately, they can also account for up 25% of your heating bill by simply letting the heat out!

There are some simple curtain and blind products you can add to your windows which will not only enhance their appearance by framing the view but also help cut the amount of heating flying out the window!

Here are our top tips…

  • Luxaflex Duette Blinds – with their unique honeycomb cell construction (which you can see in the images) provides insulation to your windows by reducing heat transfer- i.e. warming in winter and cooling in summer. The single cell construction creates an internal air pocket which results in a double glazed effect- so basically they are as good as wrapping a blanket around your window!
  • Interlining and Thermal Lining – Thermal lining is just a like a regular curtain lining but is made from special fabrics that have insulating properties so they boast additional benefits than your standard curtain lining. Interlining is a layer of fabric sewn in between your curtain and lining which creates insulating air pockets to reduce heat transfer as well as the additional benefit of aiding outside in noise reduction.
  • Puddling – is when your curtains are longer than just touching the floor. Whether this is just a small amount to create a very subtle look or a large amount giving a look of luxury and opulence you will create a unique design feature for your home as well as eliminate drafts from the bottom of your curtains.
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