Wave Curtains

Item code: 216382

The wave heading is the most casual and relaxed style of curtains and looks beautiful in any fabric. It is a perfect option for natural fabrics like linen but it also flatters large patterns as the heading is uninterrupted.

A wave curtain requires 60-90% fullness and lends itself to contemporary homes with large windows where there is limited room for curtains to stack back on the wall.

It can also be made with an extra deep tape to achieve a 150mm elongated heading and is best hung under a rod or a ceiling mounted track.

At McKenzie & Willis we know just how difficult getting started can be! If you would like expert help with your curtains and blinds then you can book a free measure & quote with our highly experienced team.

We provide free measure and quotes in Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Timaru, Queenstown and Wanaka. Our designers and consultants can come into your home and work with you to develop the perfect furnishing scheme from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between.

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We have our own specialised workroom on site at our Christchurch branch where we make our curtains and blinds. Your fabric is checked for flaws before being cut and transformed into your beautiful new curtains and blinds so you can be assured of a quality finish.

Luxaflex blinds are manufactured off site by their specialists in Auckland, Australia and USA. Santa Fe Shutters are manufactured in Tauranga and China.

When considering the design of your new curtains one of the most important considerations that can be often overlooked is the fullness.

The fullness determines how much fabric goes into your curtains and can ‘make or break’ the final result. Your Mckenzie & Willis interior designer will recommend and discuss different heading styles and fullness options to suit your chosen fabric and achieve the best look for your home.

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