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Lizzo Lost Island Fabric Collection


Stimulating human emotions with hypnotising colours, provoking textures and manipulated light, Lizzo is a sensory experience delivered through meticulously designed fabrics. Evoking sensations of mystery, creativity and spirituality, Lizzo aims to inspire an emotional experience for any onlooker. With creativity and quality at the heart of the process, their collections enhance space with a unique personality.

Inspired by a region of exceptional beauty, Lizzo’s Lost Island fabric collection takes us to the Lycian coast of Turkey. Showcasing sifted light and earthy tones, this sheer fabric is crafted from natural linen and cotton for net-woven curtains, interwoven threads and jacquards fil-coupe. With a dreamy finish and soft aesthetic, the Lost Island collection has a vintage look which will add warmth and texture for a perfect curtain solution.

More colours available, contact us to find out more.

Our Interior Designers have put together some tips and techniques for the general, day-to-day care of your new McKenzie & Willis fabric, wallpaper or window furnishings as a quick reference for when life happens…

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