Harlequin Entity Fabric Collection


Harlequin is an eclectic fusion of colour, texture and fashion-led prints. Always innovating and always creating, their in-house designers love to get the paintbrushes out and experiment. This creative approach combined with digital technologies has earned them a global reputation as a high fashion, trend-leading brand.

With roots in the “Architectural Fashion” trend, Entity explores the interplay of light and shadow. An emphasis on repetition, strong geometric lines and engineered layers create a totally unique aesthetic that is both polished yet soft. Luxurious detail such as metallic accents, lustrous velvets and high-shine weaves complete the look.

More colours available. Contact us to see more.

Our Interior Designers have put together some tips and techniques for the general, day-to-day care of your new McKenzie & Willis fabric, wallpaper or window furnishings as a quick reference for when life happens…

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