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Porter with Waipuna chairs

Classic with Barker Chairs 250x375Teak has long been a popular choice for furniture manufacturers not only because of its gorgeous colour but also because of its durability. It is a tropical hardwood timber that for centuries has been the ideal choice for furniture, and boat building, where strength and longevity are very important. Teak wood will last for many, many years in the outdoors with little or no structural deterioration thanks to its natural water-resistant qualities as well as its ability to withstand the harsh New Zealand sun.

Lynfield with Moki Chairs 250x375New Zealand outdoor brand, Devon, sources their teak from around the world including from Renewable Teak Plantations in Indonesia and use timber aged a minimum of 40 years to ensure sustainability and support for the local community. Their factories use leading edge construction techniques that cut no corners and can cope with the stresses of weight, movement and extreme weather conditions.

Devon finish their teak pieces by fine sanding and/or brushing it them buffing the surface to draw out the naturally occurring teak extractives. They then coat it in Devon Timber Furniture Shield to help protect the timber as well as repel water and dirt.

Porter with Waipuna chairs inside 250x375Devon also believes that quality outdoor furniture doesn’t rest on the table top. As with most things it’s what’s going on underneath that counts, and for all Devon Furniture this includes construction using top quality fittings. Some outdoor furniture suffers because of inferior fittings unable to withstand outdoor exposure, and in particular, salty coastline conditions. All Devon fittings are made from quality stainless steel, aluminium and zinc alloy to prevent rust. Their natural finish will keep shining through rain, shine, salt and water spray.

As with most things, you must care for your Devon teak pieces properly to ensure they have a long life, looking their best. You can find the best practice for caring for your teak pieces on our website here.

Devon’s core focus is on style, comfort, colour and durability, which they fulfil by using raw materials and methods of construction which are as timeless as the designs themselves- surviving everything Mother Nature can throw at them with an emphasis on the most important aspect, a passion for outdoor living, incorporated into every piece they make.

Porter Waipuna Chairs

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