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Luxaflex Q motion with iPhone graphicMotorising your roller blinds has traditionally been seen as a luxury with a luxury price tag to match but, there has been a revolution in the market for this product with Luxaflex Q-Motion.

Luxaflex Q-Motion is the perfect solution for automating your Luxaflex roller blinds. Powered by batteries that are cleverly concealed within the roller tube means you do not need an electricians help and they can be installed into your new build or retrofitted into your existing home.

Designed with a focus on reducing the total cost of motorisation, Luxaflex Q-Motion is the only super quiet battery operated blind on the market that offers batteries inside the roller tube. The result, is a perfectly balanced roller blind system using an integrated battery powered motor to operate the blind quietly and seamlessly.

The key benefits of the revolutionary Luxaflex Q-Motion system include:

  • Clean appearance without cords or chains to spoil the clean lines
  • Low-cost installation and maintenance- no electrician required!
  • Super quiet operation
  • Compatibility with a range of home automation systems by using the remote control or by integrating your Luxaflex Q-Motion rollershades with your Apple iOS or Android devices via Q-sync technology
  • Five year battery life and batteries are very easy to replace

Your Luxaflex blinds can also be set to a timer! The Q-Motion technology has six event settings so your blinds can be where you want them anytime, any day allowing you to lower them when the sun is at its strongest or provide added security making your home or office appear occupied to outsiders. You could even use it as your alarm clock…get the blinds up when it’s time to get up! Just enter your specific time needs and create a schedule that perfectly matches your needs.

Come into your nearest McKenzie & Willis today to see Luxaflex Q-Motion in action. Each showroom has the technology on display in the Luxaflex gallery and the knowledgeable consultants to show you how it works!

Luxaflex Q-motion technology is the first of its kind in the window covering industry. It’s a revolution that delivers everything you need – without the need for an electrician.

Luxaflex Q motion

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