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If you have visited more than one of the five McKenzie & Willis branches you will have noticed that each has a slightly different look and feel. Each branch is responsible for the products available in their store so they can perfectly tailor it to their area and customer base.

This includes choosing accessories and one of the suppliers our Wanaka showroom likes to use for these styling pieces is CC Interiors. Kelly from Wanaka recently met with them at the Pisa Moorings in Cromwell to view all of the new products they have in the collection and she dropped us a line to give us the inside oil on what you can expect to see in her store over the coming weeks and months from CC Interiors.

wanaka cc 2 250x250‘CC Interiors are currently travelling around the country showing all their customers the latest range to drop. We are always really excited to go and select new pieces for furniture and accessories for our customers’ homes and it was even more exciting this time as Christmas is just around the corner!

There were a number of new pieces of furniture and lots of clocks, both wall hung and free standing in some very on trend metal finishes. We also loved the new hand woven floor rugs in earthy tones, the consoles, and floor and desk lamps. It is fair to say the Wanaka team ordered a LOT of exciting new pieces for the showroom so come in and check them out- they have arrived just in time Christmas! If you can’t find something you love just ask us for the CC Interiors catalogue and we will order what you want especially for you.’


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