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While we are all at home, our team hope to bring you a constant stream of design inspiration and ideas for your interior. Which is why we are bringing you our “Moodboard’ series! In this series, we will be sharing moodboards our team have created so you can take a peek at what we are all working on and keep up with the latest trends.

Our next moodboard was created by Casady Cunat, Interior Design Consultant for McKenzie & Willis Queenstown. This moodboard was inspired by one of the top interior design trends for 2020 and beyond – sustainability and the use of natural materials. Casady gives us some insight into this trend and how we can all play our part to be a little more sustainable.Moodboard Sustainability 1

Why do you think that being sustainable will be so popular in 2020?

With heightened awareness around how precious earth’s natural resources are, we live in a time where we will start prioritizing designs that are taking greater responsibility for our environment. We only get one planet and we better start taking care of it! We all have an opportunity to contribute to an overall healthier planet by simply considering more closely the products and materials we choose to use in our own design projects.

What is one way that you as a designer can be more sustainable?

I think by pushing for more ‘climate positive’ design. What I mean by this is simply understanding how every product produced has an effect on the climate. If we are a bit more educated regarding the carbon footprint of our designs, we as designers can make better choices. Choices about not only the materials, but the chemicals, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and disposal of the products we are hoping to use in our design.

We work with many brands that have a huge focus on this but I would like to make a special mention for our New Zealand made brands. I find that by keeping it local we can better understand what goes into manufacturing anything we need. We are lucky to have some incredible New Zealand suppliers who are very conscious of their carbon footprint already.

Halo Havana
How can everyone at home be more thoughtful in terms of sustainability with their design and in their homes?

Re-purposing and shopping locally! I believe that the demand for eco-friendly furniture made from locally-sourced or reclaimed materials is set to soar in the wake of this pandemic we find ourselves in currently.

I think we’ll see many brands make intentional selections on materials they use and sell. One way we are seeing this is through the likes of Halo, who are doing some really cool things with upcycled denim in their Havana Sofa. Scraps of denim are collected, ground back to fibre, respun and then woven to make new yarns. Any fabric that is unused is then put back into another piece and so on. Techniques like this should be celebrated and I believe will become more and more important for consumers.

Although we will still be able to purchase mass produced goods, this year we will also see a resurgence of repurposing old items to create a unique and bespoke look. Instead of throwing out your old furniture, why not reuse it by painting or personalising. I would bet that many people in the last few weeks have already started the ‘repurpose revolution’ in their own homes already!

Any advice for fostering a more ‘climate positive’ interior?

Swapping day-to-day products for more sustainable versions is an achievable goal for all us isn’t it? Look at the use of keep cups and reusable straws! With a little more knowledge, research and communication the same can be achieved in the design of our most used spaces – our homes. One of the top ways is also to consider energy efficiency in your home. This includes using low energy lighting, considering your heating needs, but don’t forget the use of insulation and using good quality fixtures and fittings, including windows and doors.

Gipsy cocoon HR

What kinds of furniture do you expect to see more of in 2020?

Natural materials are in no way new, but I think we could see different types of materials enjoying a resurgence. Rattan and wicker were a huge hit in the 1970s and over the years, this trend comes and goes but now I think it’s all set to make a comeback. And I have to say I’m loving the latest designs! It has evolved in fresh and exciting ways and is the perfect way of balancing modern and traditional styles.

As we’ve been stuck inside for the past few weeks, I believe we’ll see more clients wanting to bring the outdoors in, incorporating natural elements like wood, stone and raw, organic textiles into our interiors. Not only are these elements on-trend, they’re also versatile, calming and timeless.

What do you hope to see more from your clients?

Instead of purchasing items that will soon be out of fashion, or won’t last very long, I hope we start to consider the longevity, durability and quality of what we are using. Design with a timeless approach and use of materials that will stand the test of time.

What are you most excited about for future projects with your clients in 2020?

Well, for one – seeing them in person and in their homes eventually! But that aside, I think we will see a lot more of layering the old and the new. I think the design of our clients’ homes will evolve by getting more comfortable with mixing and matching the old with the new pieces. Plus the old can really help tell a story of who they are, so we want to see this in people’s homes. It’s our job to make the new pieces, or new design compliment the personality of the home and those who live there!

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