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While we are all at home, our team hope to bring you a constant stream of design inspiration and ideas for your interior. Which is why we are bringing you our “Moodboard’ series! In this series, we will be sharing moodboards our team have created so you can take a peek at what we are all working on and keep up with the latest trends.

Our first moodboard was created by Jo Morris, Interior Design Consultant for McKenzie & Willis Queenstown. This moodboard was the inspiration for Jo’s own home she is currently building. With its modern take on an industrial style we love its contemporary feel. We will let Jo fill you in.

Shotover Mood Board III

How did a mood board help drive the direction of your scheme?

It enabled us to slowly piece together certain elements of our interior to ultimately create a cohesive feel. We started with colours, materials and items we love. The finer details followed.

How would you describe the Interior Design style of your new home?

The overall style of our new build was inherently modern so we found that it naturally flowed into the interior. I have always had a love for industrial design so I was excited to be able to incorporate subtle elements of this style into our interior scheme.

What are the key elements or features you are using to achieve this style?

My partner I both love the interest that is created when choosing a mix of mediums. We have chosen warm timber and brass mosaic tiles paired with polished concrete, engineered stone and stainless steel to achieve a modern look with a difference.

How have you balanced budget with design?

Having a budget is actually a good thing, it quickly eliminates certain materials which you may have otherwise fallen in love with.

We paid particular attention to the areas where we would be spending the majority of our time, which is the kitchen, living & dining. Throughout the build process we gave up certain aspects that weren’t as important to us and our needs. This then allowed for extra to go into our most lived spaces.

IMG 5248

IMG 5391

Did you find it hard to pick a style for yourself? Tell us a little more about that?

We didn’t pick a particular style as such. The interior has really been something that has evolved over the build process. We found ourselves drawn to particular materials which started creating a feel and vision for the place. The beginning point was the cladding and everything just seemed to flow from there. It’s been such a fun process for us, seeing the style develop.

What space in your new home are you most excited to see come to life?

I cannot wait to see our open plan living, kitchen and dining area. We are super excited to see the whole area come together based on all of our design choices. We are already looking forward to having family & friends over to have a drink and enjoy the space we have worked so hard to create.

Tell us a little bit about your curtains

We have chosen a striking printed curtain fabric for the living area to complement the interior colours to date. This has a grey/green undertone with a hint of caramel which subtly complements the brass splashback in the kitchen.

We bought a bunch of fabrics to site in various colours and textures. Interestingly the one we went with wasn’t what we thought we go with, but it just worked so well in the space! This is one of my favourite things about design! So often when you take materials into your space, it will highlight what the space is really calling for.

IMG 5537

Having been through the new build experience yourself, at what stage would you recommend getting an interior designer involved?

We see clients at all stages of their build or renovations. However, I’d have to say ‘never too soon’. Setting up an appointment to have a casual discussion is always encouraged. A design consultant will work through the ideas you have to date and provide you with direction. We find that our clients leave with more confidence and clarity after these meetings, and this is such a rewarding part of what we do.

A last piece of advice?

‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’

Keep the bigger picture in mind when creating a new build or space. The ultimate aim is to unite the area as a whole, and make all items feel as though they ‘belong’ in the space. Good luck & have fun in the process!

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