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In this series, we will be sharing moodboards our team has created so you can take a peek at what we are all working on and keep up with the latest trends.

This week’s moodboard is all about creating a bedroom sanctuary, using a layered approach with lots of texture, artisan glassware and a dreamy colour palette. Our Linen & Homewares Manager, Jill Coleman fills us in!

Linen Moodboard

How would you describe this Moodboard?

This moodboard, filled with moody and soft muted greens is contrasted with hints of bold ochre for a refreshingly modern twist on a traditional look. The linen with its fresh colour palette is reminiscent of water, connecting to feelings of serenity, freedom and peacefulness. I would describe it as true bedroom sanctuary.

What are the key elements?

Lightweight linen bedspreads have been dressed with gorgeous embroidered velvets to add layers of texture. Working with glass accessories adds a luxe feel to the mix, while darker paint selections and wallpaper gives richness and depth to the space. Chunky neutral carpet or simple easy care flooring completes the look.

Where is the best place to start when designing a bedroom scheme?

Looking at your bed linen selection is a good place to start. There is a huge choice of fabric choices for curtains, paint colours and wallpapers but not so much for bed linen. Once you have some direction in where your choices for bed linen will be, then it is easier to co-ordinate with everything else. Adding a bedspread can be the focal point of the room (and bed) and is a great instant update for autumn/winter bedrooms.

How do accessories play a part?

Texture and layering is key to achieving casual elegance – one of the prevailing trends in bedroom design for 2020 and a fundamental element in this moodboard. Exquisite detailing, classic upholstered bed heads, europe pillows and cushions will all make your bedroom feel luxurious.

Three is a magic number with cushions in styling or certainly an odd number. Display in a non-uniform arrangement and combine cushions in different shapes, colours, designs and textures.

Comforters add more of a formal layer to your bed, whereas throws are a wonderful addition with the more informal, casually draped look over the end of your bed. These are available in a huge choice of pattern, fabric, texture and colour.

Glass and mirrors provide and artisan and organic feel. Mix your room up with eclectic bedside cabinets which don’t match and top it off with moody lighting to complement your bedroom.

inside cover stack HR

What advice do you have for introducing colour?

Your choice of bedcover is the largest statement to be made in your bedroom and a great way to introduce a colour scheme from which you can base a look on. Keeping it neutral is another option if you tend to change your mind a lot. Layered items such a cushions, comforters and throws can be changed around as the seasons come and go. It is also a simple way of keeping your bed up to date with the latest looks.

What is your number 1 bedroom styling tip?

My number one tip for having a gorgeous looking display bed is not to have your sleeping pillows on your bed during the day. Instead keep these in a cupboard and replace these with display pillows that will not be slept on, swapping them only when it comes to bedtime. This way all your pillows will look lovely and fully encased in your co-ordinated bedcover.

What is the key to achieving a bedroom sanctuary?

Your bedroom especially over the colder months is a place of sanctuary. Falling in love with a gorgeous bedspread or quilt can be expensive but can also be timeless and elegant. Aim for the best bedding you can afford, it will not only look luxurious but will last longer. Layering with colour and working with the latest textures, fabrics and designs will take your bedroom up another level, even if it is one or two cushions that you have fallen in love with from the latest bed linen collection.

Just as important are quality sheets, pillows and duvet inners. Go for natural fibres; cotton, linen, wool, feather and goosedown, whatever you feel best sleeping in.

Surround yourself in beautiful textures, colours and warmth. Retiring to bed, crawling under comforting layers of luxe cosiness is what make those long winter nights more appealing!

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