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The most important aspect of your home’s décor is that it reflects your personality – who you are and your style. So telling the story of who you are by putting your grandmother’s sewing table next to your modern sofa or your antique cabriole leg dining chairs around a contemporary glass dining table is an excellent way to ‘mix it up’ by using old and new.

Mixing patterns and textures is another great way to ‘mix it up’. Whether that be with your upholstery fabrics or your curtains and cushions, varied colours and patterns can bring a lot of personality into your room as well as add warmth and texture. It can also be one of the easiest ways to re-invigorate or keep up with the latest trend within your interior scheme by making small changes that have big impact. We like to think there are little or no rules when it comes to your interior scheme so find ways to ‘mix it up’ in your own home!

You can have a lot of fun with this approach – mix old and new, mix patterns and textures, mix expensive and inexpensive, whatever mix is you!

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