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Outdoor furniture can get a battering by the New Zealand climate, so when searching for the perfect outdoor lounge or dining set it’s crucial to choose pieces made of high quality materials that are specifically designed to withstand the elements. From teak, to aluminium and even plastic, we’re bringing you a series of blogs that will guide you through the different options and help you find the best type of material for your outdoor space.


Today’s blog focuses on woven furniture. Synthetic or natural materials are woven together to create beautiful pieces of furniture that are both sturdy and robust. It is often considered to be more traditional in appearance but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in modern homes too! Woven furniture is timeless in its appeal with a natural, earthy aesthetic. It looks at home in nearly any outdoor space as it reflects nature itself. Put simply, woven furniture sits in harmony with its natural surroundings.

There are many woven furniture styles available on the market and at McKenzie and Willis we have types to suit all tastes. Have a think about your space and what would complement it best. A restored villa might suit a more traditional style such as the Manutti Beaumont Sofa or the Portico Steller dining chair, whereas a new build would be better suited to the contemporary Manutti Cascade Sofa. If you’re looking for a corner setting, choose the Manutti San Diego which can create a large or smaller corner setting with endless possibilities from its modular system. Remember though, that a home should reflect your personality – so always go with the furniture that resonates and appeals the most to you.


The technique of woven furniture dates back to Ancient Egypt and was traditionally made out of natural materials such as rattan and bamboo. These days however, woven furniture is often constructed with synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are perfect for outdoors as they won’t stretch, break down or fade. For the very best in outdoors resilience, look for products with proven technology behind them such as the Manutti range. All Manutti products take at least 6 years to develop and are tested very strictly for performance before they hit the market. In the case of the Manutti River Sofa, it is UV stabilised to 35000 hours of sun time and has an 8mm full moon weave which provides stability and durability.


Woven furniture has fairly easy upkeep and will last a long time provided that you give it a regular wash. Simply clean with mild soap and water and give it a wipe down with a cotton cloth or soft brush. If your woven furniture includes fabric cushions, it’s advisable to bring them inside during the winter to minimise mould build up or colour fading. Placing your woven furniture under a covered outdoor area will ensure greater longevity (and make it more enjoyable to sit outside in the hot summer months!).

The popularity of woven furniture continues despite the development of other outdoor materials. Its timeless appeal allows it to withstand the going and coming of trends and recent technology advancements make it a leader in the durability stakes. At McKenzie & Willis we have a wide range of woven furniture to suit every taste and budget. Browse our collection online or pop into any of our stores to view the entire range.

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