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Outdoor furniture can get a battering by the New Zealand climate, so when searching for the perfect outdoor lounge or dining set it’s crucial to choose pieces made of high quality materials that are specifically designed to withstand the elements. From teak, to aluminium and even plastic, we’re bringing you a series of blogs that will guide you through the different options and help you find the best type of material for your outdoor space.

TRIBU 2014 mood02

Tribu Mood Dining Table + Mood Dining Chairs

First up in the series – Teak, the durable tropical hardwood that’s renowned for its resilience in the outdoor environment. Teak is the gold standard when it comes to wooden outdoor furniture. In fact, it has long been used in the boat building industry due to its ability to withstand all types of weather. Teak’s natural oils create an inbuilt barrier, giving it protection from rain and making it resistant to insects and rot.

Not all teak is created equal though, so when it comes to purchasing a new piece of outdoor furniture make sure to ask about the grade of teak used. Higher grades of teak are far superior in terms of looks and will weather the elements better as they are higher in natural oils. Place a C grade piece of teak next to a B grade and you will immediately notice the difference. For the very best on the market, look for furniture made with A grade teak and above such as the Devon range. A grade teak is much more uniform in look due to the angle it is cut on and the fact that it is solely taken from the centre part of a tree.

Devon Couper Dining Table 2
Devon Couper Dining Table and Waipuna Carver Chairs available at McKenzie & Willis

When purchasing teak, the issue of sustainability should always be considered. At McKenzie & Willis you can rest assured knowing that your teak comes from sustainable sources. Our teak is grown in Indonesia where the business of growing teak has become part of their culture. For every tree that is cut down, another is planted.

Teak has a buttery, golden brown colour that changes to a beautiful silver grey with age. This process is speed up with sunlight so by simply leaving your outdoor furniture in the elements it will mature to this colour. This graying process is an inherent quality of teak and in no way compromises the strength of the furniture however it is something you should be aware of when choosing between materials. It is also a good idea to buy all your teak furniture at the same time so that the colour change is consistent.

TRIBU 2015 pure sofa02
Tribu Pure Sofa

Teak needs little maintenance because of its high oil content and exceptional weather resistant qualities. Nevertheless, regular cleaning and use of Devon care products will ensure it remains looking great for years to come. Applying a Devon Protector will seal the wood and maintain the natural colour of the teak and a Devon Timber Shield will protect it against food and oil. When necessary, a light sand will bring teak back to life.

Teak has a somewhat traditional look but the beauty of teak is that it can also fit easily into contemporary and modern homes too. Modernise a teak table by adding rope chairs such as the Tribu Mood dining chairs or look for lounge pieces that combine soft cushions with teak bases and aluminum frames. The Jati & Kebon Truro lounge setting pictured below is a great example of this and showcases teak’s wonderful ability to add warmth and personality to a space.

Jati Kebon Truro 2 3 Seater Lifestyle 1
Jati & Kebon Truro 2 + 3 Seater

It’s easy to see that Teak is the most favorable option when it comes to wooden outdoor furniture. At McKenzie & Willis we have a wide range of high quality outdoor furniture. You can browse our range here or visit any of our showrooms to view our collection.

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