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Windows are big culprit when it comes to energy loss in your home, especially so in winter as the temperature drops. On the flip-side, the low winter sun can present a challenge in some homes where large windows and bare trees can create issues with glare and even sometimes overheating!

Fortunately Luxaflex have a great range of blinds that are designed to help overcome your winter weather woes.

Luxaflex Duette Blinds for Winter2

Duette Blinds

With their superior insulating properties, Luxaflex Duette Blinds are the perfect solution for keeping your home warm this winter while adding soft sophisticated style to your interior.

Duette Blinds fit very snuggly against your windows and are made with a unique honeycomb cellular construction that form exceptionally insulating air traps. They help to reduce any potential heat loss and increase the R-value of your windows when closed (a measurement of a product’s ability to resist the transfer of heat). In fact they have often been called the “designer’s alternative to double glazing”. The insulation effect is two-fold, not only are Duette Blinds perfect for keeping the warmth in but they will also keep the heat out in summer!

Duette Blinds are made with a special spun-bonded polyester fabric that is pleated into an elegant linear shape. This fabric may look delicate but it is actually very hardwearing and durable. It is also naturally dust repellent and easy to clean.

To customise the look of your Duette Blinds, there are plenty of colour possibilities as well as block out, translucent and sheer options. You can elect to have your blinds open from the top, bottom or another spot in between or pair two different fabrics together such as a sheer and block out to create the perfect balance between privacy and light control.

Luxaflex Duette Blinds for Winter1

Duette Architella Blinds

Duette Architella Blinds take the concept of the honeycomb cellular construction to the next level to keep your home extra warm and cosy during winter.

With three internal air pockets for high-performance window insulation, they have been proven to reduce not only heat transfer via your windows by up to 83% but also reduce an average home’s heating costs. Their unique construction means they are also great at insulating against sound, minimising the transmission of noise from outside.

Luxaflex Duette Architella Blinds for Winter


LumiShades are Luxaflex’s latest innovation. This unique solution for your windows is a cross between sheers and vertical blinds. Using soft and floaty fabric, LumiShades feature individual fabric vanes with two-in-one light filtering and room darkening panels. The advantage of this is that they offer flexible light control with a simple rotation of the fabric vanes. They can be angled to change the amount of light entering a space or closed completely to darken the room and trap the warmth in when the sun sets.

When the fabric vanes are rotated open they act like a sheer, imbuing a room with soft filtered light and letting the view in while maintaining a certain level of daytime privacy. This is especially important in winter to help control glare from a low sun. To harness thermal gain during the day, LumiShades can be opened completely and neatly stacked to the side of the windows just like a curtain!

Unlike vertical blinds, LumiShades don’t have any connecting bottom chains or bottom weights making them safer for children. They are also quieter to operate and when the weather does eventually warm up, they are great for that all important indoor/outdoor flow, as you can walk through them whether they are opened or closed due to their individual vanes.

Luxaflex LumiShades Blinds for Winter

EVO External Screens

Don’t let the changing season dictate your indoor-outdoor living. As the weather cools down we are lucky to live in a climate that still has its fair share of sunny days through autumn and winter. Unfortunately those warmer days can also be affected by a chilly easterly or southerly wind, so to maximise your time outside it’s important to create sheltered areas designed to make the most of the winter warmth.

That’s where EVO all-weather screens come in. They increase the comfort level of any room that connects with the outdoors and can also be used to create an outdoor room on a deck or in the garden by controlling the impact of wind, rain, insects and cold.

Luxaflex EvoScreens Blinds for Winter

Motorisation & Automation

Luxaflex blinds can also be motorised and automated, which is perfect for optimising thermal gains in winter. By automating your blinds you can set them to open at certain times of the day to warm up your home and close them just as the sun is setting to ensure heat is not lost through your windows.

With just a touch of a button or with voice control, motorisation will also make your life easier and negate the need the need for chain operation (making your blinds safer and aesthetically tidier in the process).

If you would expert advice on Luxaflex blinds and how they can help you create a warmer home this winter, drop into one of our showrooms in Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Timaru, Wanaka and Queenstown to view our exclusive Luxaflex galleries or book a curtain & blind consultation online here.

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