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When selecting your fabric, your interior designer will recommend an appropriate lining for your curtains or blinds from our range. Lining is essential to improve the fullness of a curtain and compliment the finished look. Quality linings will protect your fabric from fading and deteriorating, improve the lifespan of your curtains and blinds and efficiently insulate your home.

Sateen lining

The lightest weight of our linings, sateen is a poly cotton blend with a soft handle. Perfect for living areas where you’d like a light airy look with filtered light coming through the curtains.

Thermal one pass coated lining

Thermal lining is also known as one pass lining and has a layer of compound coating on top of a base cloth. Excellent for insulation as it traps a pocket of air between the layers.

Blackout three pass coated lining

Three pass lining is known as blackout and is comprised of three layers of coated compound on top of a base cloth. Perfect for bedrooms or other areas where you require a very dark room. Blackout is a heavy lining and provides superior insulation.

Dimout woven lining

A dimout lining is a triple weave construction with a black layer in the middle that allows a very minimal amount of light to show through the curtains. It has a soft weighty feel and looks lovely behind sheer fabrics or thin fabrics that require some fullness in the lining. Dimout linings come in various colours so are a great solution when you want to enhance a colour behind a sheer fabric. Ideal for living areas and bedrooms when complete blackout is not essential.

Bumph interlining

Bumph interlining is a cosy blanket like thick cotton or polyester lining that helps to give thin fabrics a lovely fullness. Bumf interlining is used in homes where a thick luxurious curtain is desired and where sound insulation is needed. Can be used on most fabrics.

Detachable linings

Should you want to be able to easily remove your linings for cleaning we can make detachable linings that hook onto the back of your curtains. Detachable linings are sewn on a small discreet gathered tape.

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