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Linen Catalogue front cover

The experts in everything interiors at McKenzie & Willis have just released their latest Linen Collection catalogue. This carefully curated collection brings together the finest quality and most beautiful designs from New Zealand’s top linen brands.

It features beautiful florals, clean contemporary designs and distinctive geometric patterns in a broad colour palette of rich, vibrant tones as well as soft pastels and classic neutrals. From pure linen to delicately embroidered cotton and velvets, this collection will add colour, texture and life to your bedroom, transforming it into a sanctuary whatever your style.

Expertly handpicked by Linen & Homewares Buyer Jill Coleman and her team, elegance, luxury, and the perfect night’s sleep are at the core of each and every piece that feature.

We recently caught up with Jill to learn more about the new collection- what’s new, unique and what makes this collection so special.

What can we expect from the latest collection?

There is something for everyone in our new collection. Whether your style is modern and contemporary right through to those that adore a vintage look, you will find something to love.

What are the highlights of the new pieces?

We have reintroduced stripes, which are timeless and feature heavily, in both bold and subtle colourways. They work beautifully paired with our floral staples for a fun mix of designs. Colour is also a real highlight- colours across the spectrum feature and play a big part. New pieces featuring rich indigo and deep berry reds paired with copper, golds and ochre feel warm and moody. Blush pink and shades of terracotta stripes alongside blues are light and perfect for a new springtime look.

What fabrics and textures feature strongly?

All the natural fabrics are still the most popular choice. Linen, cotton, wool and feather and down are still the number one choice. They are pleasing to touch, beautifully breathable as well as easy care. Texture plays a big part in our collection as the perfect mix always adds depth and luxury to your bed. You can achieve texture through the fabrics you choose such as velvet or linen but with boho elements like tassels and fringe that feature as well. You can also introduce texture through your choice of accessories- such as rich velvet, a clean simple rattan headboard or add that finishing touch with a beautiful selection of cushions and a throw or comforter.

What makes this collection unique?

The versatility of our collection is definitely what makes it so unique. Allowing the freedom to style your bedroom however you wish is always at the top of mind when we are putting together any collection. Pairing stripes with florals or velvets with linen, keeping it simple or the height of luxury, you are able to achieve exactly what your heart desires from this collection.

What is your favourite trend in linen at the moment?

The fact that a much greater emphasis is being put on the styling and design of bedrooms, especially the bed. We are seeing this space being treated as a sanctuary that is just as important as the kitchen and living areas. Simple lighting designs, keeping furniture at a minimum and incorporating walk in wardrobes and dressing rooms to declutter and create tidy and hidden storage spaces allows the bed and linen to sing. The bed is becoming the focus and centrepiece of bedroom design as well as functional pieces of furniture.

What is your number one styling tip for your bed?

I would say your bed should be a reflection of you. What colours you like, what design style you like and importantly, what textures you like, because the way the sheets feel will have a big impact on how well you sleep. And always buy quality bed linen as it does make a difference!

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