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We’re very excited to announce that our Dunedin showroom now has range of artworks on display from local Dunedin artist, Lisa Dorahy. Lisa is renowned for creating rich and textured pieces of art that celebrate human expression in all its forms. We caught up with Lisa herself to find out more about her life, art and what inspires her.

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How did you get into painting?

I have always painted in my spare time to relax and often I found myself inspired to paint for friends and families. My entire career has been creative, having completed a fashion design course in the 90’s, mostly working in the fashion industry in design and owning my own business with two successful fashion labels until starting a family. I now love what I do, being able to paint as a profession is extremely satisfying to me.

What inspires you?

With my history in fashion, I am drawn to the details of people especially faces. However the inspiration really comes from the emotion behind the piece I’m painting; the laid back feeling of a beach scene, the warmth of a smile on a face or the humour on an animal dressed in the fashion I once created!

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What finishes and materials do you use and why?

I choose mediums to suit the interior space the piece will be hung in but you will always find texture in each piece. I have mostly used acrylic paint on canvas in the past, using techniques so that the paint appears quite thick on the canvas. This is because when I see a painting I always want to touch it and feel the brush or palette knife strokes. I often use a palette knife to this effect also.

How would you describe your style of painting?

It’s hard to say as I’ve painted in many styles for many different occasions. But I would call my recent works ‘expressive’, I like to use fast stokes to create a sense of movement in my pieces.

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What’s your favourite subject to paint and why?

I love painting people, a face explains so much about a person. So I do tend to paint older people with so many life lessons and stories to tell behind their eyes.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists in New Zealand?

Just do it! The more pieces you can do, the more you will become comfortable creating and a style will develop as you go. Try not to compare your work to others as hard as this may be.

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Aside from your paintings, how do you like to decorate your own home?

Funny you should ask. I am currently renovating an old villa which is nearing completion. I love to feel relaxed in my surroundings, with quality furniture, offset with interesting pieces I have collected over the years. I am happy to wait to buy the right piece for a space, rather than buy something on trend. When it comes to colour; I like colour but not too bright and not saturating. So I suppose you could call it a balance of colour and white space with natural elements.

If you would like to see more of Lisa Dorahy’s beautiful art, visit our Dunedin showroom or get in touch with us now.

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