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McKenzie & Willis are pleased to announce the launch of their Augmented Reality app. ‘McKenzie & Willis Design Space’.

Augmented Reality (AR) turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time, seamlessly merging physical and virtual experiences.

Widely used in entertainment and gaming for a number of years, the applications of AR in design and retail are becoming more and more prevalent with some of the world’s top brands developing their own AR experience. Bloomingdales ‘Virtual Dressing Room’ allows the customer to see themselves in pieces of clothing without trying them on or Volkswagen using the technology visualise and modify car body structure and engine layout rather creating physical mock ups in the first instance.

In terms of interiors, AR technology allows you to visualise pieces you like inside your own home to determine whether they look good and will fit the space.

‘McKenzie & Willis Design Space’ uses AR technology in two ways. It helps you to determine whether a piece of furniture will suit your space, both in appearance and physical size. It allows you to select your favourite piece and place the various configurations, as well as multiple fabric looks, until you have the perfect combination for your space.

It also allows you to place different window treatments onto your windows to determine what the best solution is between blinds and curtains, as well as multiple fabric colours, for your space. It will also give indicative dimensions to assist in getting a more accurate indication of cost.

By simply scanning your space or window and selecting what virtual object you would like to see in the real world, in real-time you can begin to build a complete interior scheme.

McKenzie & Willis General Manager Bill Willis said the idea behind developing the app was to take some of the guess work out of interior design. ‘We know how difficult it can be just to get started with what can often be a big purchase, not just in size but also price, so you want to be sure you are choosing well.

‘By using Design Space you can set up your room and save the final look to share for a second opinion or send it straight to us to get the ball rolling.

‘We are launching Design Space with just a taste of our full range but we are so excited by this new technology it won’t be long until we roll out more and more pieces from our beautiful range of furniture and interiors’.

‘McKenzie & Willis Design Space’ is available now in the App Store for Apple and Google Play Store for Android devices- simply search ‘McKenzie & Willis Design Space’ and download it for free.

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