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Colour is a key element for any interior; a visual language that can influence our mood, create ambience and add character. Unlike fashion, colour trends tend to move slower in interiors, evolving and building on each other over the years. If you find yourself nervous about adding colour to your interior, these gradual transitions along with some insider knowledge can help eliminate the fear factor. To help you out, our interior experts have put together some of the top upcoming colour trends to be on the lookout for.

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Calming Blue Greens

Green has been an enduring trend in interiors for some time now and won’t be going away anytime soon. While forest greens and khakis will remain popular for some time, the palette is now incorporating nurturing and calming blue green tones of jade and soft turquoise. These shades draw from nature and provide a refuge from our busy lives. You will see these tones used on mass with paint and wallpaper but also in more neutral schemes with a hint of colour in cushions and ornamental accessories.

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Warm and full of positivity, amber yellow is a shade we anticipate to see more of in the coming years. It is already making its way into furniture and accessories with coloured glass vases, metallic brass finishes and transparent materials. Expect to see it woven into fabrics and paired with plenty of texture in wallpapers. With a decidedly 70’s vibe, its undertones build upon the prevalence of burnt oranges and terracottas we have been seeing lately. Like other warm hues of ochre, mustard and honey, this shade is much more versatile than other types of yellow and far less divisive. It can be paired with other popular earthy tones with ease and provides beautiful contrast in an interior.

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Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals have taken over and will become even more prevalent in the coming years. These wholesome tones work to create a warm and homely feel. Think caramel, linen, sand and whites with biscuit undertones. Warm neutrals in various tones can be layered, providing interest in an interior. Grey will always have its place but won’t dominate interiors quite as much as it has. Expect grey to become warmer with a hint of taupe bringing in an era of ‘Greige’. Greige fits in with both warm and cool colour schemes and has been touted as the ultimate neutral.

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Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown has returned. You will see this especially in timber with walnut and dark woods beginning to feature in furniture, flooring and kitchens. These will be mixed in with lighter woods, with an awareness of undertones crucial to creating a curated and consistent look. Chocolate brown will also be worked into fabrics and wallpapers acting much like a neutral to balance out other colours and bring depth to an interior.

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Uplifting Accent Colours

Accent colours will focus on uplifting shades, particularly in rich tones of deep blue and the surprising newcomer- raspberry. These colours have an opulent feel and will be largely used to create a sense of luxury. Accent colours can be ideally incorporated into the look with soft furnishing such as cushions, throws & glassware for those a little shy to cover a wall.

If you would like help using these up and coming colour trends in your own home, visit our team in store or learn more about the McW interior design service here. Our highly experienced team can come into your home and work with you to develop the perfect furnishing scheme from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between.

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