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Many New Zealanders are choosing smaller homes for a multitude of reasons- be it downsizing, simpler living, a city bolthole or environmental choices to name a few. High density living is also becoming increasingly popular throughout the country with the number of high density homes consented in 2019 up 22% from 2018.

Having a smaller footprint does not mean you have to give up on style though. You just have to be clever about how you use your space. To help you on your way, our talented team have put together some expert tips to make your small home, spectacular!

Get it off the ground

Smaller homes often have the kitchen, dining and living area all within the same space so scale along with the depth and height of furniture is key to achieving balance.

Nothing shrinks a room quicker than heavy furniture. Where possible, have furniture that is raised off the ground. The more you can see under an item of furniture, the larger the room will appear as your eyes will naturally travel under it.

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Slim it down

Furniture pieces that are slim in appearance and size will help you get the most use of the limited space you have. Fortunately these pieces are also on trend right now!

For rectangular dining tables, ensure the legs are narrow and at the outermost edges of the table. This will allow you to fit chairs snugly around the table, giving you more space around the table when it is not in use.

Maximise seating potential in the living space by choosing a sofa that has fixed back cushions in conjunction with slender arms.

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Choose pieces with purpose

Storage is the key to eliminating clutter in homes of all sizes. When sourcing furniture look for beautiful items that have a dual purpose. A gorgeous shelving unit can be a work of art in its own right. Nesting coffee tables create visual interest whilst offering flexibility as to their placement and function.

The bed will often be the largest thing in the bedroom and there are some fantastic bed storage solutions available. Why not utilise the floor space the bed has taken up by having drawers or a hydraulic lift in the base?

Create atmosphere

Colour, texture and pattern are hugely influential as to the mood and over all feel of your room. And, light play is especially important when you do not have the luxury of space.

Painting a room white can make the room appear larger, where as a strong coloured paint or textured wallpaper will add depth and dimension.

Window furnishings and upholstery fabrics are key elements to any room and give a big punch of personality. When choosing patterns ensure the scale of pattern is balanced, too many large patterns can make a small space feel crowded.

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