How to reduce partner disturbance

If you share a bed with someone (and your mattress is past its prime) you will no doubt have experienced partner disturbance at some point. A partner who gets up frequently in the night or who tosses and turns will inevitable have an effect on your own sleep. If you are a shift worker or have a different work schedule to your partner, this issue can be magnified and for some of us it occurs on a nightly basis! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Bed technology has come a long way in recent years and many of our beds have designed to specifically reduce partner disturbance. Our bed experts have put together the key points to consider and things to look out for if partner disturbance is an issue for you.

Pocket Spring Systems

By and large, the best bed for reducing partner disturbance is one designed with a pocket spring system. A pocket spring mattress contains individually wrapped pocket coils that can move independently of each other. If weight is applied to one part of the bed, only those coils will move and none of the others. From Sleepmaker’s Together Alone Technology to AH Beard’s Reflex Max, these support systems ensure any movement is absolutely minimised.

If you are after the ultimate bed for controlling motion then look for a mattress with a large amount of pocket coils. The Beautyrest Connoisseur bed is our most advanced system, packing in two rows of independent pocket springs which act as a double dampener. The two rows of 4inch pocket springs (one on top of the other) instead of one taller 8inch pocket spring means the mattress has less bounce and sideways movement to deliver superior partner disturbance reduction.

Sprung Bases

Inner sprung mattresses have a system of coils that are all interconnected making them very supportive, they can however be more prone to lateral movement as all the coils move together. The solution? Sprung bases! Sealy are the only manufacturer in New Zealand who produce a sprung base for their beds. Much like shock absorbers in a car, a sprung base creates a more stable and supportive foundation than an inner sprung mattress alone. After years of development Sealy’s new Elevate range take this to a new level with the Endurance base. With its reduced spring height, it disperses pressure and prevents motion transfer, boasting 72% lateral movement than previous models.

Comfort Layers

Comfort layers can also dampen down movement. Memory foam is the top comfort layer to look for as it conforms, softening the feel of someone moving. The Beautyrest Connoisseur bed is a great example of this with its high quantities of pressure relieving memory foam working with the support system to reduce movement.

Mattress Size

Mattress size is an important factor as a bigger bed will allow you to sleep more independently from your partner. You should always take into consideration your room size however a King will only take up 15cm of more space while making a world of difference. This may not seem might like much but you will definitely notice the difference when lying next to your partner.

Address Your Core Sleep Issues

And last but certainly not least, the best bed for reducing partner disturbance is one that alleviates any issues that are actually causing you or your partner to toss and turn. Do you run hot, suffer from a sore back or have allergies? Finding a bed that address these issues will mean a deeper, more restorative sleep where you are unlikely to notice or wake up to any movement in the first place!

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