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Our affinity for north-facing houses and bright, light-filled rooms has certainly increased over the years. Wherever possible our homes are being built around the sun with floorplans designed to maximise light and free thermal energy. But a sun-drenched home isn’t without its drawbacks. Glare, overheating and damage from UV rays are all things to consider, especially in New Zealand where the sun can be particularly harsh. While it is always a smart idea to choose fabrics, flooring and furniture specifically engineered to resist the effects of the sun, these options don’t always fit in with our interior schemes. The goal then should be to protect – with curtains, blinds and awnings being an excellent way of doing so.

Luxaflex Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds and Sunscreens

Roller Blinds and Sunscreens are a great solution for homes prone to overheating. There are several fabric options available from Luxaflex to suit your shading requirements; from complete block-out, to light filtering fabrics that diffuse the light but maintain privacy, through to sunscreens which provide protection from the sun while allowing for maximum views. When the need arises for a combination of these fabrics, the Luxaflex twin brackets system means that you can pair two different options together to give you the best of both worlds. Motorised automated roller blinds are also a great idea as these can be set to shut when the sun is at its peak or controlled from your smart phone even when you are not at home.

Luxaflex Woodmates

Shutters and Venetians

Shutters and Venetians offer a lovely unique way of filtering light. The slats or blades can easily be positioned to minimise glare in summer or opened up wide in winter if you wish for more sunlight. Available in different slat or blade sizes, shutters and venetians give you plenty of possibilities to balance the view with the amount of light you desire. As part of the Luxaflex Venetians range they have an option called Woodmates. These are made from Polyresin which is perfect for high sun areas as they are UV resistant, giving them better durability than wood. Or, for lovers of natural timber, the Luxaflex timber blinds are treated with a high performance marine grade lacquer to withstand the sun’s rays. Likewise Santa Fe Shutters have a range of finishes available, from lacquered timber to shutters made with a polypropylene coating and using incredibly durable ABS material on the louvres.

Luxaflex Duette Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Not only are Honeycomb blinds well regarded for keeping your home warm during winter but their fantastic insulating properties also help keep it cool during summer. Their cellular construction traps air while the fabric reflects heat. Duette and Duette Architella shades are Luxaflex’s premium brand of honeycomb blinds (the latter being made with three internal pockets for high performance window insulation). The Luxaflex Duette range is available in blackout, translucent and sheer so you can pick the right fabric to suit your light preferences. All of these fabrics are made with highly durable spun-bonded polyester. While they may look delicate they are in fact very hardwearing. Duettes can be configured to be drawn from the top or the bottom for functional light filtering and like other Luxaflex products they can be motorised.


Curtains and more specifically sheer curtains can be used to diffuse the light in a beautiful way that also minimises heat build-up. Versatile light control and privacy can be achieved with a double track and separate black out lining. Because sheer curtains do not have their own lining to protect them from the sun, they are best made with polyester which will hold up better than natural fibres.

Fabric Awnings

Lastly, a Luxaflex Fabric Awning provides protection from the outside. When placed over windows or doors they simultaneously prevent the harshest rays from getting into your home, while also creating shade for outdoor entertainment areas. These awnings have the option of being motorised and can even be automated to respond to sun, wind or rain for the ultimate convenience and protection. Luxaflex Fabric awnings are available in two different fabrics, Dickson Orchestra and Planasol. Both have great sun and weather resistant properties and come in a range of colours and designs.

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