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Curved Furniture Trend Feature

After a long hiatus and a period dominated by straight sleek lines in design, curves are back in a big way. First seen in architecture with curved walls and arches, curves have made their way back into all aspects of our interiors, and especially so for furniture! Think plush sofas, armchairs with rounded forms and organically shaped occasional pieces.

Curved furniture may be reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s when this trend was originally at the height of its popularity, but today’s designs have been refined with a sophisticated touch. They reflect a growing sentiment for creating relaxed spaces within our homes- spaces where we can seek refuge from our busy lives and where comfort is at the forefront. Curves impart a soft feel to an interior; they are gentle, comfortable and invite you in. With this in mind, this is not a fleeting trend but rather one that has been woven into design through both lifestyle and aesthetics.

When it comes to styling this trend, there are a few things to consider. Our interior design experts have put together their all their tips and tricks for embracing curved furniture in your own home.

Curved Furniture Trend Kovacs Spyder Chair

Start Small

If you are nervous about going all out with curved furniture then start small. Curves look great against linear homes, helping to soften hard architectural lines and other pieces of furniture so it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Start by introducing a rounded armchair or a circular coffee table as a way of trying out this trend. That being said, there is nothing quite like a statement piece such a large curved sofa to give your home an entirely modern and contemporary look.

Curved Furniture Trend Ethnicraft Ellipse sofa

Use Repetition

Echo curved elements throughout your home to complement your main pieces. This can be with other furniture or it can be with accessories and artwork. Look to your textiles to add organic patterned forms, we are seeing resurgence in fabric designs incorporating this trend so there a plenty of options. Vases, collected items and surfaces are other areas where you can easily add another curved feature.

Give Curves Space

Curves like space. While it’s true that a circular table is the best solution for a small nook, other curved pieces look best when pulled away from a wall. A curved sofa shouldn’t be shoved into a corner, instead accentuate its form by floating it in the middle of a room where you can see it from all angles.

Curved Furniture Trend Calligaris Vortex Table

Keep it Simple

Curved furniture pieces don’t need a heavy styling hand. With their sculptural forms, they can be considered a piece of art in their own right so allow them to shine! Consider a refined colour palette and keep clutter to a minimum.

Curved Furniture Trend David Shaw Arnold Chair

Use Texture

Texture is this trend’s best friend. Bouclé fabrics, furs, velvets and heavily textured weaves complement the rounded forms of curved furniture, working to enhance its comfort further. Texture is also a great way of adding depth and interest to a space without overwhelming it.

If you would like expert help and advice about incorporating this trend into your home visit our team in store or contact us online. You can also book an in home consultation online here. Our highly experienced team can come into your home and work with you to develop the perfect furnishing scheme from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between.

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