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One of the truly enduring trends in interior fashion is our use of the colours of nature to inspire our living spaces. This warm palette of neutral, earthy tones and shades of green create a connect between our interior and what is outside the front door.

Colour is an extremely important and effective element in interior design and the natural trend, while it may be a seemingly basic palette, can be both fashionable and functional. If you think about the very colours that make up our natural environment the colour palette is incredibly wide.

It can work for any element of your interior scheme from the floor to the ceiling and every piece of furniture, accessory and lighting fixture in between.
The McKenzie & Willis Interior Design team have stayed in the lighter tones of the palette for the dominating pieces in this living space, such as the Pasa Doble modular sofa by Furninova, with mustard and timber accents added for texture and contrast. A dramatic wallpaper feature by Harlequin has also been introduced with an obvious nod to nature with its dragon fly motif.

Adding other textures gives your space depth and points of interest. Texture can come from both living, such as plants and floral arrangements, to the mix of finishes in the furniture and soft furnishings. The TC coffee table by Ethnicraft has created a perfect end table in this scheme that complements the other nature inspired colours and textures used.

The combination of materials and organic tones create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere that serves to stimulate the senses while creating a welcoming space. There are countless variations on this trend and how each person interprets their idea of nature can give it a very interesting look to follow and essentially the reason for the longevity of this trend.

The use of the colours of nature is based on everything natural and is today one of the main sources of inspiration in interior design. It exudes a feeling of well-being and energy by bringing the harmony of nature into our indoor spaces.

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