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With daylight savings finally here the nights are getting longer and thankfully, they are also getting warmer!

With the changing of the clocks it is the perfect time to spring clean your bed linen and ensure you have the right bedding for a good night’s sleep during the summer months.

Our Linen Buyer Jill Coleman, shares her top tips on what fabrics to choose and some easy tasks to tick off to make sure your bedroom is not only fresh and functional but also beautiful this spring and summer.

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What fabrics do you recommend for the warmer months?

As the nights get warmer you should make sure you have linen that is breathable on your bed. Choosing linen that is made from 100% natural cotton or linen is the best as these fibres breathe extremely well and have moisture absorbing properties. For sheets, percale weave is perfect as it’s tight weave and lower thread count means the fabric is very lightweight and crisp to touch.

What is the key to a great duvet during the warmer months?

Light is key! Light in warmth and light in weight. The ratio of the fill is what dictates the product’s warmth so you want an inner that has a higher feather to down ratio. I recommend our MM Down 50/50 Goose Down & Feather inner over the warmer months as it is constructed with only natural products for both the fill and outer and is light- both in weight and warmth. Another option to consider is a feather and down blanket such as the Fairydown Espresso Blanket. These are an incredibly popular blanket and a perfect duvet alternative for the warmer months as they are lightweight and machine washable.

What tasks should you do to spring clean your linen and bedding?

Fresh air and sunlight do wonders for your bedding. Carefully air your inners and pillows outside, give them a good shake and puff up the fill. Open your bedroom windows and let the sunlight in, strip back your bed and vacuum the mattress. If your linen is machine washable be sure to check all of the care labels carefully first and don’t use too much detergent, or overcrowd the machine and always line dry everything.

What is your number one tip for a good night’s sleep during the warmer months?

It would have to be always choose linen made from 100% natural fibres. Whether that be cotton or linen, find what you like the feel of best and you are making a great choice for a good night’s sleep.

What are the big trends in bed linen this spring?

Florals still feature strongly but in lighter colour palettes and a heavy presence of green in every shade. Light waffle textures are very popular and can be the perfect base or feature piece for your bed because of the depth the texture adds. I am happy to say 100% linen is still so popular and is now being used for even more linen products such as throws and coverlets. Cushions, cushions and more cushions too- I have seen some of the most beautiful cushions from our brands, choosing which to incorporate into your bedroom is the problem!

What is your top pick for a new look this spring?

My top pick has to be the new Sottobosco bedspread in Pale Ocean from New Zealand brand Bianca Lorenne. It is a beautiful light waffle bedspread that serves as a perfect throw over for the hot spring and summer months. You can dress this bedspread up or down with the other linen you choose and I think it will appeal to almost any taste!

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