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The recently launched Botegga range from Bianca Lorenne is the epitome of luxury and style born out of a true passion for creating all things beautiful. Fashioned by skilled artisans, each piece is handcrafted within a refined colour palette and embellished with exquisite adornments to create a couture range of bed linen. We recently caught up with Alison from Bianca Lorenne, whose vision for gorgeous bed linen has been the driving force behind the brand.

How did you get into bed linen? Tell us a bit about how Bianca Lorenne was started
I was and still am very passionate about hand crafted items – pieces with character and individuality in contrast to the mass produced throwaway society we have today. When my children were younger (Bianca and Lauren) I was obsessed with embroidery and quilting and spent every spare moment I could doing this. There was a time when I was renovating my bedroom and went out to look for some new bed linen – something different that was high quality, handcrafted and that would finish off my room and stamp it with that wow factor. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything I liked (however I was quite fussy about what I wanted). I realised then that there was a gap in the market for something like this and from that Bianca Lorenne came about.


Bianca Lorenne pieces coming to life

How do Bianca Lorenne designs begin their life? Can you elaborate on the creative process?
Our wonderful team do a lot of brainstorming about collections and products until we come up with a theme that we think fits our customer profiles. Every collection is based on a theme and each item is designed to fit in with the story in one way or another. Prints are sketched and hand painted by our artist and then transferred to textiles. From there our other pieces flow from colour palette, techniques and products to complete the collection. It takes hours and hours until we make final decisions – I think people would be amazed at the process involved in producing these collections.

How are they are made? What techniques are used?
Depending on the items being produced it all starts with the fabrics. These are woven and dyed especially for us to our stringent specifications. We only use fine quality fabrics such as high thread count cottons, linens, cotton velvets and silk and we do not compromise on this ever! After the fabrics are dyed they are either printed or quilted using kantha stitch, beautiful embroideries, or hand-made embellishments such as small silk flowers, hand stuffed silk balls, clusters of French knots to name a few. Each piece is a work of art in its own right made by our very talented artisans that specialise in this intricate work.

Ricamo arancia comforter HR

Ricamo Bedspread with Arancia Comforter

What was the inspiration for the latest collection?
Our latest collection named Bottega (the Italian word for an artist’s studio) has been inspired by artisans of all types. Our Vernice print celebrates the beauty of hand painted artwork and the rawness of the brush stroke from artists of the impressionist movement. Beautiful embroidered cushions and hand stitched comforters and bedspreads showcase our textile artists. We strive to support these artisans to produce timeless unique pieces in contrast to the mass produced items we are seeing more and more of. Our special products can be treasured for years and handed down to the next generation. They make your house a home.

Do you have a favourite piece?
My favourite piece is the Vernice Aubergine print – dark and moody and a striking deep aubergine colour mixed with my favourites of dusky pinks and blues. It really gives your room a wow factor.


Bianca Lorenne Vernice Duvet Set

What emerging trends in bed linen do we need to be on the lookout for?
At Bianca Lorenne we don’t tend to follow trends as such but prefer to produce products of quality and interesting design that last the test of time. Natural fibres are the best to sleep under so I suppose this has been trending for some time now and will continue to do so. Layering your beds with different textures and colours is popular.

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