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The days are getting longer, spring flowers are in full bloom and that pervasive winter chill has finally disappeared. With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the warmer months.

Glare, overheating and UV damage are particular areas of concerns over summer so good a place to start are your windows. As the temperature increases, Luxaflex’s range of blinds and smart shade solutions are a great choice for keeping your home cool all summer long.

Luxaflex Evo External Sunscreens Blinds for Summer Blog

Evo External Screens

Evo External Screens will increase the comfort factor for any space connected to the outdoors. When used on decks and patios, these weather resistant screens help you to get the most out of your outdoor space by providing protection from the elements.

On hot days they offer shade and a respite from the sun, while in unseasonably cold weather they protect areas from wind and rain. They are great for humid summer evenings as they can be deployed to prevent insects entering the room while keeping your doors open.

In exposed places where the climate can be particularly unforgiving, the new Evo MagnaTrack system has been designed to handle whatever the weather throws at it. Its patented design has been engineered and independently tested in a range of harsh conditions, making it the most technologically advanced external screen available on the market.

Evo External Screens can be operated manually or motorised. They can be automated so you can schedule them to close when the sun is at its peak and there are optional wind and sun sensors for a smarter home.

Luxaflex Lumi Shade


As one of the latest innovations from Luxaflex, LumiShade has been designed with summer in mind. LumiShade is made up with individual fabric vanes that feature both room darkening and light filtering panels for flexible light control. Whether you need to block the sun and create darkness or simply reduce glare, LumiShade gives you that option with a simple rotation of the vanes.
One of the unique elements of LumiShade is that the individual vanes hang freely and lack connecting bottom chains. Unlike most other window solutions, this means you can walk through them whether they are opened or closed, creating optimal indoor/outdoor flow.

For total peace of mind, LumiShade is made with fade resistant fabric with UV protection properties. This not only ensures longevity of the product itself but also helps to protect your home and furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun.

Luxaflex Fabric Awning Ventura Folding Arm

Fabric Awnings

Luxaflex awnings are your ultimate summer shade and weather solution. They offer versatile protection, giving you the freedom to quickly alter the amount of shade you require and making your outdoor spaces more useable. Where houses lack eaves around windows, an awning can also be used to shade your interior when needed while giving you the flexibility to allow the sun in on colder days.

Luxaflex fabric awnings are made with durable high-performance materials designed to give long term protection against UV rays and all types of NZ weather. They can be manually operated or motorised with the option of automation to allow them to operate in response to the weather.

Luxaflex Rollershade Sunscreens

Rollershades & Sunscreens

Luxaflex rollershades and sunscreens are a staple for nearly any home and any season. In summer they are a discreet and contemporary choice for controlling light, heat and glare. They help to keep your home cool by providing a thermal barrier while providing UV protection for your interior. They give you great control over the light and with fabric options to either filter the sun or block it out completely, there is something for everyone.

To maximize the benefits of Luxaflex rollershades & sunscreen, consider motorisation and automation. With motorisation, your blinds can be operated with a simple touch of a button, eliminating the need for chains and making life easier. Automation is great in the summer months, allowing you to schedule your blinds to open and close even when you aren’t there. Set them to open with the morning sun or close before the sun gets too hot. There are even options for voice control for the utmost convenience.

Rollershades & sunscreens can either by being hardwired in or alternatively they can be powered by re-chargable li-ion batteries. There are also plenty of motor options to suit all types of budgets and applications, from super quiet to extra heavy duty.

If you would expert advice on Luxaflex blinds and how they can help you create a more comfortable & stylish home this summer, drop into one of our showrooms in Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Timaru, Wanaka and Queenstown to view our exclusive Luxaflex galleries or book a curtain & blind consultation online here.

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