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Heirloom Supreme

Top Australian bed manufacturer AH Beard have created an even better night’s sleep with the release of their new King Koil Heirloom Supreme beds exclusively for McKenzie & Willis.

The King Koil Heirloom Supreme boasts a unique pocket spring system that comprises of thousands of micro comfort coils, individually encased in fabric, which gives the mattress the ability to provide maximum contact with your body. This creates superior weight distribution which means less pressure points and superior comfort regardless of your body shape.

In addition, the fact that each coil is independent the mattress has better ventilation, support will be long lasting, partner disturbance will be minimal and pressure relief will be maximised.

Come into our Christchurch and Dunedin Showrooms today to try out the new King Koil Heirloom Supreme from AH Beard for yourself or find your perfect match using our bed selector now!

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