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Are you on the hunt for the perfect sofa for your living space but finding it difficult to find one that fits all of your needs? Maybe you like the look of one but really need it to be slightly smaller, or perhaps you want the flexibility to make the couch bigger once you finally move into your new home.

A sofa is so much more than just a piece of furniture. It is a core component of everyday life – a place for your family to gather, a place to relax and a sanctuary at the end of a hard day. When choosing your sofa, don’t be limited by the standard 2 and 3 seater configurations and lack of covering options. Instead, consider a Furninova Modular sofa. Furninova Modular sofas are an innovative take on the modular sofa. Designed in Sweden and European-made, Furninova bring you the very best from Europe at an exceptional price.

A modular sofa allows you to put together a set of “modules” to perfectly fit your space and suit your needs. Whether you choose a corner sofa to fully maximise your living space or a small chaise for lounging – you really can design your own! Furninova also offers you the flexibility to customise nearly everything on your sofa, from the colour of the legs to the comfort of the cushions.

At McKenzie & Willis, our furniture consultants can help you with the process and design the perfect sofa for you. Either come in store and use our handy magnetic boards, or book an in-home consultation and design your space from the comfort of your own home. If you’re building we can even work off your floor plans. Below is a quick guide and some points to consider.

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1) What is the layout of your room and how much space do you have for your sofa?
The first step you will need to consider is the amount of space you have to work with. For practicality reasons this should be your first consideration as it will have the biggest impact on the design of your sofa. Come into your consultation armed with the measurements of your room and have a play with the clever magnetic boards from Furninova. These boards are to scale and allow you to mix and match magnetic modules on a grid. With the help of our consultants you will quickly be able to work out the best configuration for your space.

2) How many people will your sofa need to accommodate?
Once you have thought about the space you have, you will need to take into account the amount of people in your household and how many guests you are likely to host. For large families or entertainers, a corner module will allow you to seat a greater amount of people without taking up too much space. If it is just the two of you but you have guests over regularly then including a footstool might be a good option. A foot stool is great for those who like to lounge but can also double as an additional seat. Whatever your requirements – Furninova allows you to choose from a variety of modules and put together your ideal sofa.

3) What look are you going for? What type of finish would you like?

At McKenzie & Willis we have a wide range of upholstery options to suit everyone’s budget and taste. Come in store and choose from the fantastic range of fabrics and leathers available from Furninova – the very best in Italian leathers and fabrics. Overall, fabric sofas tend to have a softer and warmer finish and are perfect for creating a relaxed feel in your home. On the other hand, leather sofas usually have a sleeker look and are a great addition to a modern and contemporary home.

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4) Who lives in your household? Do you have pets or children?
You will also need to take into consideration who will be using the sofa. Remember that sofas are an integral part of your living space and therefore the upholstery needs to be up to the challenges of everyday life.

5) What are your comfort requirements? Is your sofa more likely to be used for sitting or lounging?
Furninova offer different comfort options and your choice will depend largely on personal taste and the style of modular sofa you choose. Comfort Level 1 is the standard and is a superior cold foam covered with fibre padding. Comfort Level 1 foam is more structured in appearance but is still super comfortable. For a more relaxed look with high comfort levels go for the soft and cosy Comfort Level 2. Constructed with foam and a feather top, Comfort Level 2 is perfect for lounging.


Want to know more or need help choosing? At McKenzie & Willis we know just how difficult getting started can be. Our experienced, specialist furniture consultants can help you choose the right piece of furniture for your home. Book a consultation now.

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