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Tactile finishes and handmade qualities have been huge for interiors lately so it’s no surprise that candlewick bed linen is also making a resurgence. But what is candlewick? And how has it been adapted to suit interior design schemes of today? Read on to find out more.

MM Linen Clover Bedspread Set

Candlewick is a form an embroidery that gained popularity at the turn of the 20th Century, Kerry from MM linen explains that “Those of us who were around in the 70’s & 80’s would have had parents or grandparents who had candlewick bedspreads.” Taking after its namesake, candlewick bedspreads were originally made from the same yarn used to make candle wicks. They had the raised ‘chenille’ look design, and often tassels around the border. The bedspread designs were quite decorative and tended to be floral or baroque inspired.

Candlewick cushions

MM Linen Clover Duvet Set

While the original candlewick designs were very traditional in appearance, MM Linen have recreated the look and given it an update as part of their new Autumn/Winter Collection. They have used a clover pattern that Kerry describes as “simple, yet striking”. The MM linen candlewick design is a lovely addition to this season’s range – adding a tactile and textural element in keeping with the handicrafts interior design trend.

Shop the MM Linen Autumn/Winter Collection online now or visit us in store and let our home linen consultants help you put together the perfect combination for your home!

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